Skyd Power Rankings: College Women (02/25/11)

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This poll features the Skyd staff rankings of the top 20 women’s college teams as of 2/25/2011.

Elliot Trotter9107248444
Bryan Jones/Zack Smith898585548
Charlie Enders773886645
Zack Purdy656444736
Jonathan Neeley/Joaqin Nagle576555538
Tony Leonardo756657844
Jimmy Leppert887635542
Coit Stevenson677565541

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Movers and shakers

#1 Oregon (no change)
Fugue’s dominance of College Women’s Ultimate continues. In the big picture, there’s only one thing they can do better than last year: lose one less game.

#2 UCLA (previously 12th) – BLU gave Oregon their only close game of the season so far, losing 11-12 at Pres Day. With a good showing at the SB Invite, BLU looks strong against many of the top teams in this poll. One caveat might be a propensity for on-off play throughout a tourney, as seen by their 8-13 loss and 11-10 win against a strong Wisconsin team at President’s day.

#9 Wisconsin (previously 3rd) – President’s day featured 2 bad ones, 3 close ones, and 4 big wins. Sounds like a roller coaster of emotion. Maybe with another tourney under their belts the picture will become clearer as to where they really stand. For now they sometimes play on the cusp of the top 5, and at other times appear a bit mortal.

#12 Northwestern (previously unranked) – A strong 2nd place finish at Queen City Tune Up, and only having lost to teams here ranked in the top 15 bodes well for Gung Ho.

#14 Sonoma State (previously 5th) – Maybe not the top 10 team we thought they were last time around, Sonoma State still has the ability to give the best teams in the nation a good game. Big wins over regional rivals mean D’vine is looking good with a couple months till the games that count. Don’t be surprised if they figure out how to beat some of the front runners.

Pre-season Rankings

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