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by | February 8, 2011, 10:05pm 0

The Wisconsin Hodags have, for the past 8 years, been the most visible team in college ultimate. They’ve teamed with Ultivillage twice for DVDs (“Disc 2” based on the 2005 college season, and “The Blueprint: Road to the Repeat” based on the 2008 college season) and have had very prominent players/alumni.

This fall the Hodags launched a new website/recruitment tool at www.hodags.org . But don’t worry, I’m not here to give a history lesson, or to promote Wisconsin Ultimate. What I am here to do is break down a scrimmage video posted by the Hodags. Before you watch, remember that this in an intra-team scrimmage.

Here is what I take away from the scrimmage video . . .

  • There are a lot of athletic plays made by both teams. The players that stand out the most are Black #5 and Jordan (blue no number).
  • A lot of these athletic plays occur because discs hang on deep shots. It’s important to note that the throwing conditions are perfect inside, so having players gather under hucks is usually a result of a poor choice.
  • A lot of the hucks come from the handler position. Some off up-line cuts, but even more off stopped discs. Whenever a huck comes from the handler spot there are more players downfield to gather under slightly hanging discs. Does this mean the throws were bad choices?
  • The video’s editor does very well highlighting the intensity and physicality of the Hodags. This focus helps the viewer understand the culture of the team, and it helps the  video’s recruitment angle.

I know this little video isn’t the best scouting tool, but we have to take what we can this early in the season.

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