College Top 20

by | March 23, 2011, 3:34pm 0

Another big weekend of college ultimate is in the books, and it’s round about that time for a new set of rankings. While Southerns didn’t play a large part in our rankings, both Centex and Easterns factored in heavily.

At this point in the season it’s impossible to pick 20 teams and not feel like you’ve left someone out. Sure we could expand to 25 teams, but it’s already hard enough to rank teams 15-20, what would we do if we had to rank 20-25. Excuses aside, let us know who we left out, why they should be ranked, and where they should be ranked.

Again, these rankings are based on where teams stand now, not where we think they will finish. Teams still have a lot of time to grow and reach their potential, and the rankings at the end of the season may very well be different then they are now. We again ran into a lot of debates with regards to how to rank teams, especially outside of the top 14 or so. How do we deal with teams like Kansas, Kansas St. and Illinois? How about a team like Texas A&M who had an awful Presidents Day and a very good Centex? Our answer is that we’ll do regional power rankings once the series starts.

With all that in mind, here we go:

  1. Florida
  2. Carleton
  3. Pitt
  4. Michigan
  5. Colorado
  6. UBC
  7. Harvard
  8. UCSC
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Oregon
  11. Colorado College
  12. SDSU
  13. Texas
  14. Iowa
  15. Minnesota
  16. Virginia
  17. Whitman
  18. Ohio
  19. UNCW
  20. Washington

The list of notable teams continues to grow. At this point we have Tufts, Middlebury, Cal, Stanford, Illinois, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. Wow, that’s a long list. It’s exactly that fact that has us wanting to do regional rankings, and we will.

Also, expect another bid allocation breakdown and a Terminus preview within the week.

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