Easterns Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh v. Colorado

by | March 21, 2011, 5:07pm 0

Pittsburgh v. Colorado

Though Pittsburgh broke to start the game and looked more focused in the first few points, Colorado was quick to respond by turning in one of its best defensive performances of the season, fighting back to go into half down only one break, 8-7.

Pittsburgh held out of half to make the score 9-7, but Colorado’s ability to force Pitt into rushed throws in their fast break defensive offense along with the stead play of Jack McShane brought the score to 9-9.

Up 11-10, Pitt’s Eddie Peters came up with a huge block close to the Colorado endzone line that Pittsburgh punched in for the break, 12-10. While Colorado would hold on the next point to make the score 12-11, it would miss the next break opportunity A huge Jimmy Mickle pull hit a towering light pole fifteen yards off of the sideline, and Pittsburgh capitalized on their field position to punch in the easy score. All day, Pitt’s endzone offense looked steady on both offense and defense, with handlers Alex Thorne, Chris Brenenborg, and Isaac Saul constantly threatening to break the mark while Pitt cutters showed both speed and discipline.

At this point, the cap went on, and it was too little, too late for Colorado. Pittsburgh stood steady under pressure, and the teams traded scores toward a 15-13 Pittsburgh victory.

Pitt coaches David Vatz and Dave Lionetti after beating Colorado.




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