Skyd Power Rankings: College Women’s (03/15/2011)

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Today we release the third of our Skyd Staff Rankings.  After some great tournaments, namely the Stanford Invite, Mardi Gras, and the Midwest Throwdown, here’s our collective votes for the Top 20 teams in the nation.

Quick note #1 About the new column USAU (Difference): This column provides the latest ranking by USAU through the use of their Top25 Algorithm of those teams we voted to rank. The number in parentheses is the difference between our ranking and theirs. An example of how to properly read it would go something like this: Pittsburgh, ranked 5th by USAU (3 places lower than Skyd) We hope this makes the table easier to read when comparing rankings between the two polls.

Quick note #2: These rankings DO NOT account for post-Easterns results.

Quick note #3: We are seeking College Coaches and Captains to vote for their Top 20 college teams in Open and Women’s divisions. If you want to be involved, send an email to with the title “Rankings” and a quick blurb about where you go to school/coach and your involvement in College Ultimate. 2-3 sentences should suffice. Voting begins Monday March 14th, so get them emails in asap.

Without further ado, The Skyd Power Rankings for March 14th, 2011:

PosPointsTeam NameRegionBest2nd Best3rd Best
12746DoublewideSC1 (1000) Colorado Cup2 (911) Pro Flight Finale3 (835) US Open
22670PoNYNE1 (1000) Club Terminus3 (835) Colorado Cup3 (835) Chesapeake Invite
32619RevolverSW1 (1000) US Open2 (911) West Coast Cup5 (708) Pro Flight Finale
42603SockeyeNW1 (1000) West Coast Cup3 (835) Club Terminus4 (768) Pro Flight Finale
52603MachineGL1 (1000) Heavyweights3 (835) Pro Flight Finale4 (768) Club Terminus
62387Johnny BravoSC2 (911) Colorado Cup4 (768) West Coast Cup5 (708) Club Terminus
72377IronsideNE2 (911) US Open2 (911) Chesapeake Invite8 (555) Pro Flight Finale
82361GOATNE1 (1000) Pro Flight Finale5 (708) Chesapeake Invite6 (653) Club Terminus
92166Chain LightningSE2 (911) Club Terminus6 (653) Chesapeake Invite7 (602) Pro Flight Finale
102140Sub ZeroNC1 (1000) Chesapeake Invite5 (708) Heavyweights11 (432) Club Terminus
112043Ring of FireSE3 (835) US Open6 (653) Pro Flight Finale8 (555) Chesapeake Invite
121937High FiveGL3 (835) Heavyweights7 (602) Chesapeake Invite1 (500) No Surf
131927RhinoNW5 (708) Colorado Cup5 (708) West Coast Cup9 (511) Club Terminus
141910Madison ClubNC2 (911) Heavyweights7 (602) Colorado Cup12 (397) Club Terminus
151881Truck StopMA4 (768) Colorado Cup7 (602) Club Terminus9 (511) Chesapeake Invite
161685InceptionSC4 (768) Heavyweights1 (500) Col. Cup noTCT3 (417) San Diego Slammer
171492StreetgangSW6 (653) Heavyweights2 (455) San Diego Slammer4 (384) Cal State
181455Chicago ClubGL5 (708) US Open4 (384) Mot. Throwdown13 (363) Heavyweights
191340LA RenegadeSW7 (602) Heavyweights4 (384) Cal State5 (354) San Diego Slammer
201302CondorsSW1 (500) Cal State1 (500) San Diego Slammer15 (302) Colorado Cup
211284MadcowGL2 (455) Mot. Throwdown11 (432) Colorado Cup12 (397) Chesapeake Invite
221252Cash CropSE10 (471) Chesapeake Invite12 (397) Colorado Cup4 (384) Old Dominion Q.
231087Dire WolfMA2 (455) No Surf4 (384) Cazenovia17 (248) Heavyweights
241085Prairie FireNC6 (653) Colorado Cup11 (432) Heavyweights
251011Florida UnitedSE9 (511) Colorado Cup1 (500) Old Dominion Q.
261010Boost MobileSW8 (555) Club Terminus2 (455) Cal State
271007Medicine MenMA12 (397) Heavyweights5 (354) Old Dominion Q.9 (256) Cazenovia
28986MephistoNE7 (602) US Open4 (384) Cazenovia
29888VoodooNW10 (471) Colorado Cup3 (417) San Diego Slammer
30865SprawlSW9 (511) Heavyweights5 (354) San Diego Slammer
31835Buzz Bullets3 (835) West Coast Cup
32833GarudaNE8 (555) Heavyweights8 (278) Cazenovia
33768Clapham4 (768) Chesapeake Invite
34686OaksSW5 (354) Cal State14 (332) Heavyweights
35656CastleNC5 (354) Mot. Throwdown15 (302) Heavyweights
36653Euforia6 (653) US Open
37632Sheet Metal5 (354) No Surf8 (278) Cazenovia
38594Beachfront PropertyGL3 (417) Mot. Throwdown20 (177) Heavyweights
39575Space City IgniteSC7 (301) San Diego Slammer16 (274) Heavyweights
40562Chico6 (326) Cal State10 (236) San Diego Slammer
41555PlexSC8 (555) Colorado Cup
42555Ragnarok8 (555) US Open
43534GridlockSW8 (278) Cal State9 (256) San Diego Slammer
44500Ulysse1 (500) Cazenovia
45471BrickyardGL10 (471) Heavyweights
46471Furious GeorgeNW10 (471) Club Terminus
47467Midnight Meat TrainGL7 (301) No Surf14 (166) Mot. Throwdown
48458Lake EffectGL7 (301) Mot. Throwdown21 (157) Heavyweights
49455TanasiSE2 (455) Old Dominion Q.
50455PowderhogsNW2 (455) Col. Cup noTCT
51453Madador10 (236) No Surf11 (217) Mot. Throwdown
52435BD Air ShowSW10 (236) Cal State12 (199) San Diego Slammer
53432OaklandMA11 (432) Chesapeake Invite
54417Boneyard3 (417) Old Dominion Q.
55417Choice City Hops3 (417) Col. Cup noTCT
56417Madcow Y3 (417) No Surf
57405Inception-Red4 (384) Col. Cup noTCT30 (21) Heavyweights
58399CAKti11 (217) No Surf13 (182) Mot. Throwdown
59384Madcow X4 (384) No Surf
60363PhoenixNE13 (363) Colorado Cup
61354Sweet RollSC5 (354) Col. Cup noTCT
62354The Nights WatchNE5 (354) Cazenovia
63326Grand Trunk6 (326) No Surf
64326Vanier Wildcats6 (326) Cazenovia
65326Floodwall6 (326) Old Dominion Q.
66326EnigmaGL6 (326) Mot. Throwdown
67301The Ghosts7 (301) San Diego Slammer
68301Swell7 (301) Old Dominion Q.
69278Old Growth8 (278) Cal State
70278Burnside8 (278) Old Dominion Q.
71278Jurassic SharkGL8 (278) Mot. Throwdown
72278Maverick8 (278) No Surf
73274LancasterMA16 (274) Colorado Cup
74256Journeymen9 (256) Cal State
75256Grantham U.9 (256) No Surf
76256VAlhalla9 (256) Old Dominion Q.
77256Impulse9 (256) Mot. Throwdown
78237Hustle10 (236) Mot. Throwdown32 (1) Heavyweights
79236Triforce10 (236) Old Dominion Q.
80236Jester10 (236) Cazenovia
81231Spoiler12 (199) Mot. Throwdown29 (32) Heavyweights
82223HaymakerGL18 (223) Heavyweights
83217BrawlSW11 (217) San Diego Slammer
84199ROY12 (199) No Surf
85199Centretown Gunners12 (199) Cazenovia
86199Warriors of Rad12 (199) Cazenovia
87199GnarwhalNC19 (199) Heavyweights
88194INfamous16 (137) Mot. Throwdown27 (57) Heavyweights
89182StonefishNE13 (182) Cazenovia
90166YoungbloodsNE14 (166) Cazenovia
91151Flying Pig15 (151) Mot. Throwdown
92137Freaks Uv NatureSE22 (137) Heavyweights
93137Firebird16 (137) Cazenovia
94137Throw'n Together16 (137) Cazenovia
95134IllusionNC17 (124) Mot. Throwdown31 (10) Heavyweights
96119Mufasa23 (119) Heavyweights
97112MicroMachines18 (112) Mot. Throwdown
98102Mad Men24 (102) Heavyweights
99100Rust Belt War Bonds19 (100) Mot. Throwdown
10089Salvage 320 (89) Mot. Throwdown
10186H1N1NC25 (86) Heavyweights
10271yogosbo26 (71) Heavyweights
10344City Park UltimateNC28 (44) Heavyweights

Movers and Shakers:

UCSB (2) & Oregon(1) –  Maybe it was a call to action noting that Oregon was on track for an undefeated season, maybe it jinxed it.  Whatever the case, UCSB proved that they can beat Oregon, winning the Stanford Invite final 15-10 over the women of Fugue.  Oregon retains the top spot for the time being, and in overall record they are stronger, but several close calls, and their loss to the Burning Skirts should give UCSB and other teams a bit of confidence they haven’t had in a long time vs. Oregon.

The North Carolinas (UNCW [7], UNCW [9]) – UNC has looked really strong thus far.  A win over #2 UCSB is huge, but losses to UCLA and Cal in the same tourney provide questions about their ability to do it consistently.  UNCW lost by 3 to UNC, in their only test against the top 10 teams in our list.  Their other games showed a dominance which should play well in their region, but a lack of tests against the top teams in the country leave us unable to place them as high as USAU.

Washington (11) – Element post Shannon O’Malley is shaping up to be a contender for the crown this year.  They gave Oregon, Stanford, and UCSB a hell of a hard time of a ride At Stanford, and appeared dominant against teams in the bottom half of the top 20.  Their 11 rank puts them right where they have played thus far; slightly below the top teams, but not by much.

We are seeking College Coaches and Captains to vote for their Top 20 college teams in Open and Women’s divisions. If you want to be involved, send an email to with the title “Rankings” and a quick blurb about where you go to school/coach and your involvement in College Ultimate. 2-3 sentences should suffice. Voting begins Monday March 14th, so get them emails in asap.

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