20 Days of Nationals

by | May 11, 2011, 7:57am 0

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20 Days of Nationals

I’m very excited to announce that No Look Scoober and Skyd will be starting our Nationals coverage today and extending 20 days into the future, or the finals of Nationals. We’ll be trying to focus on one or 2 teams a day before the games start in Boulder, and doing pieces on players, team history, and the road to nationals. Today we’ll be starting out with the Cornell Buds, the Metro East champions.  Check out the schedule for the rest of the 20 days.


  1. Cornell
  2. Luther
  3. Illinois
  4. Tufts
  5. UCSC
  6. UVA, Official Seeding comes out
  7. Iowa, Stanford
  8. Whitman, Texas
  9. Colorado College, Washington
  10. Carleton College, Wisconsin
  11. Harvard, Oregon
  12. UBC
  13. Florida
  14. Colorado
  15. Pitt
  16. Overall Preview and Predictions
  17. Pool Play Day 1
  18. Pool Play Day 2, Pre Quarters
  19. Quarters and Semis
  20. Finals

Women’s (not yet ordered)

  1. UNCW
  2. Michigan
  3. Ottawa
  4. Iowa
  5. Tufts
  6. Oregon
  7. Ohio State
  8. Colorado College
  9. Florida
  10. UCSB
  11. UNC
  12. Northwestern
  13. Carleton College
  14. Washington
  15. Wash U
  16. Stanford
  17. Virginia
  18. UBC
  19. Iowa State
  20. Cal


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