Player Profile: Chris Hansman, WHITMAN SWEETS

by | May 17, 2011, 10:41pm 0

Chris Hansman skies against Willamette

What is your background in the sport?

Chris Hansman: I started playing Ultimate in 6th grade at Northwest School in Seattle. I’ve been playing and coaching with Norden ever since. It wasn’t until about 11th grade that I really began taking Ultimate seriously. I played on the Seattle YCC team that summer and got hooked.

How did you come to play at Whitman?

I knew that I’d play Ultimate anywhere I went to college and it just so happened that I ended up at Whitman. I went back and forth, deciding between Whitman and Vassar in upstate NY. I waited till the last possible day to send in my decision, but after four years here I can say with 100% certainty that I made the right choice and the Whitman Ultimate team has been a big part of it.

What is your roll on and off the field?

On the field, I’m one of our O-line handlers who occasionally dabbles in some cutting and defense. It’s been a big transition for me this year because I’m used to playing down field. I’m also one of the two captains and with no coach, Norden and I are responsible for all of the typical coaching duties as well. Off the field, I spend way too much time talking with Norden and other players about Ultimate and our team.

How are you getting prepared for the Sweets first trip to the big show?

Finishing finals. We’re sneaking in practice around finals, but we’ll all be done soon which will give us over a week with nothing other than frisbee.

What does making nationals mean to you?

It’s been a goal of mine since I started playing at Whitman. I haven’t been able to play in a single college series until this year due to season ending injuries the past three years. Two torn ACLs and a ruptured spleen make Natties that much sweeter. This team has put in more work than any other I have been a part of. It’ll be great to see it all pay off in Boulder.

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