Skyd All-American Team 2011

by | May 23, 2011, 12:12pm 0

The decision to create our own award was not easy. Our sport already has All-Region teams and Freshmen of the Year, as well as the much coveted Callahan award which honors recipients for their excellence, leadership and spirit. The Callahan award is very much the sport of Ultimate’s MVP award. With these awards in mind, we saw a gap in the recognition of those top players. All-Region teams can be too numerous, where as the Callahan award h0n0rs only one individual in each division. We wanted a middle ground that acknowledged all of the excellence and hard work that the top players bring to the game in a focused manner.

With the Skyd All-American Team, we specifically chose 14 players in each division to call the best in the nation. Our consideration included all of the elements that make up the Callahan award in addition to the theoretical function of these players as an actual team. The Skyd All-American Team is meant to recognize those players and leaders who are, to put it simply, at the top of the college game.

Thanks to Breakmark, in addition to being recognized as a top player in the game, each member of the team will receive a tight sublimated jersey. Thanks, Mat and Breakmark!

Without further ado, here are our selections for the Skyd All-American Teams:

Squat and Press Day

1: Posture & Position3 Sets:
30s of Ipsilateral Straight Leg Deadbug
30s Static Pillar
15s Rest
4: StrengthA: Tempo Back Squat
2s Down; 1s Pause; 1s Up
Warm up before 3 sets of 5

B: Dumbbell Strict Press
6 Heavy Sets of 5
2: Movement Prep A3 Sets
10 PVC Dislocate
10 Face Pull Y Rotate Press
10 Overhead Barbell Shrug
5: AccessoryConditioning Test
Max Cals on Airdyne in 7 Minutes
3: Movement Prep B3 Sets
6 Steps Each direction of Lateral Plane Monster Walk
3 Goblet Squat w/ 10s Active Hold at bottom
6: Cool Down3 Rounds
30s Right side + 30s Left Side Rear Elevated Squat Hold with Lateral Raise

Congrats to our first All-American roster and thanks to all of those who helped make this selection possible.


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