Big Muckamuck: Oregon Fugue

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School Name

University of Oregon

Team Name



Chelsea Putnam

Year Founded


# of Championships

1 (2010)

# of Regional Championships

1 in past 10 years

# of Sectional/Conference Championships

10+ (I think our section needs more competition)

Notable Victories:

Winning Nationals in 2010

Rival Teams:



16 college alumni teams representing the best Open and Women’s teams  from the past decade square off for the title of the best of the best.   The Big Muckamuck will find the likes of the Hodags, CUT, Superfly and Burning Skirts competing on July 2nd-3rd at the annual Potlatch tournament in Redmond, WA. As part of our ongoing coverage of the event,  Skyd caught up with Oregon’s Chelsea Putnam to find out more about Fugue’s Muck squad.


Name – Grad Year – Current/Recent Club Team
Sophie Darch, 2014 Ozone
Bailey Zahniser, 2013, N/A
Aubri Bishop, 2013, N/A
Malina Wiebe, 2011, Further
Christina Wickman, 2011, Knock Out
Shannon McDowell, 2010, Further
Tina Snodgrass, 2010, Molly Brown
Jenica Villamor, 2010, Further
Kimber Coles, 2010, N/A
Claire Sharman, 2010, Further
Marie Vendrasco, 2009, Classy
Clare Gordon, 2009, Further
Jess Huynh, 2008, Showdown
Meghan Robins, 2008, N/A
Lauren Prince, 2008, N/A
Cheri Young, 2007, Further
Tobey Beaver, 2007, Desoto
Meryl Kusyk, 2005, N/A
Chelsea Putnam, 2005, Schwa
Colleen Marlow, 2005, N/A
Kathy Young, 2004, N/A
Molly Klein-McDowell, 2004, Classy
Serena Woods, 2004, Mesteño

Briefly share the history of your school’s Ultimate program. How it started/developed into a competitive program.

Our program was started in the mid 1980’s. We have been a very competitive team over the years making it to nationals a total of 10 times since 1988. In 2010, under the hands of the amazing Lou Burruss, the team finally won it all with a victory over UCSB! We have always been a competitive team, but being part of the NW region made it difficult to make it to the big stage. Jody Dozono (1999) and Chelsea Putnam (2003) both won the Callahan in years that the team didn’t make it to Nationals. Fugue hit a dry spell between 2002 and 2008. However, since 2008 Fugue has made it to nationals every year and since 2009 have been in the semifinals at least! Fugue is on a roll and is bringing in top recruits from all over the country.

What are some of your school’s biggest victories/games in the past decade?

  • Beating UCSB for the National Title in 2010
  • Beating Stanford at NW Regionals in 2008 to make it to nationals for the first time in 6 years
  • Beating UBC in the backdoor game at NW Regionals in 2002 to go to Nationals

Who on your roster will be making some of the big plays at the BM?

This team is seriously full of playmakers. Look for Bailey’s flick huck, Sharman to run that down, Meryl to make huge grabs, and Sophie to eat more doughnuts than anyone. Tobey, Shannon, and Jenica will use their butter throws all day and find wide open Kimber and Malina in the end zone. We have the dangerous sister duo in Kathy and Cheri and I can guarantee that Tina will get at least 4 hand blocks.

Which match-ups are your team most looking forward to?

I’m pretty sure we will be hungry for whomever we are playing. We are definitely stoked to see both UBC and UCSB in our pool!

Why is your team going to win the BM?

We’re going to win because we are scrappy on D and move the disc quickly. It’s that simple.

2010 College Champions

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