Big Muckamuck: Wisconsin Hodags

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School Name

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Team Name



Dan Heijmen, Jim Foster, Evan Klane, Ben Feldman

Year Founded


# of Championships

3 (2003, 2007, 2008)

# of Regional Championships

4 (2006, 2007, 2008, 2011)

# of Sectional/Conference Championships

10+ (2002-2011)

Notable Victories

2006 Regional Finals win over Carleton 15-12 to take the only bid out of the Central.

Rival Teams

Carleton, Colorado, Stanford, Florida

16 college alumni teams representing the best Open and Women’s teams from the past decade square off for the title of the best of the best. The Big Muckamuck will find the likes of the Hodags, CUT, Superfly and Burning Skirts competing on July 2nd-3rd at the annual Potlatch tournament in Redmond, WA. As part of our ongoing coverage of the event, Skyd caught up with the Hodags to find out more about their roster.


Name-Grad Year-Club Team
Hector Valdivia- 2003-Johnny Bravo, Sub Zero, Madison Club
Dean Bolton-2003-Madison Club
Andrew Brown-2003-Madison Club, Sub Zero, Furious George
Dan Heijmen-2007-Madison Club, Sub Zero, PONY
Jack Marsh-2007-Madison Club, Sub Zero, PONY
Brandon Malecek-2008-Madison Club, Sub Zero, Ironside
Jim Foster 2009-Madison Club, Sub Zero, Ironside
Tom Murray 2009-Madison Club, Sub Zero
Jon Masler 2010-Madison Club
Evan Klane 2010-Madison Club, Sub Zero
Ben Feldman 2011-Sub Zero, Madison Club
Colin Camp-2013-Madison Club


Briefly share the history of your school’s Ultimate program. How it started/developed into a competitive program.

The UW-Madison Ultimate Frisbee club was founded in the 1977. Upon creation, the team immediately began to establish a great winning tradition with 9 sectional championships and 5 final four finishes at regional play. Between 1977 and 1988, the team had an overall record of 347 wins and 189 losses.

The Dave McClain Athletic Facility, opened in 1988, offered the club an opportunity to cleat-up during the winter season. Coincidence or not, it wasn’t until after 1988 that the club first qualified for Nationals.

In spring of 1994, the “Hodags” team name was implemented, and has been held to this date. Tryouts were conducted for the first time in the fall of 1988.

Since 2001, Wisconsin Hodags have 3 National titles, and 6 Finals appearances.


What are some of your school’s biggest victories/games in the past decade?

2002 National Finals loss to Stanford

2003 National Finals over Oregon

2004 Centex Quarterfinals over Brown & Nationals Quarterfinals loss to Colorado

2005 Centex Pool Play loss to Washington, Nationals Pool Play loss to Stanford & Quarterfinals loss to Colorado

2006 Regional Finals over Carleton

2007 National Semifinals over Stanford & National Finals over Colorado

2008 Nationals Pool Play over Stanford & National Semifinals over Colorado

2009 Nationals Pool Play loss to Texas & Quarterfinals loss to Stanford

2010 Nationals Pool Play loss to Colorado

2011 Regional Finals over Carleton & National Finals loss to Carleton


Who on your roster will be making some of the big plays at the BM?

Dan Heijmen is captain of PONY and former Callahan winner.

Hector Valdivia is captain of Madison Club, coach of Hodags, and great trash talker.

Ben Feldman is a speedy receiver and big time playmaker.

Jack Marsh is a Harvard alumnus and occasionally performs for the circus.

Dean Bolton is a MIT alumnus and has fantastic speed.

Colin Camp is a rising star.

Evan Klane and Jon Masler have huge backhands.

Brandon Malecek has a huge forehand.

Jim Foster and Tom Murray are fast receivers who make big plays in the air.

Andrew Brown has perfect throws, beautiful form, great play-by-play commentary, and a nasty disc golf game.


Which match-ups are your team most looking forward to?

Stanford is the first game of the weekend.

Carleton is a huge showcase game.

Colorado in finals!


Why is your team going to win the BM?

Hodags play with heart, grit and determination.


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