Expert Panel: Call for Questions – Injury Prevention & Rehab

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Training professionals and elite players weigh in on your questions about strength, conditioning and becoming a better athlete.

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This week’s topic is:

Injury Prevention & Rehab


This week’s panel:

LINDSAY HACK, Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Lindsay is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist currently working for Duke University with a focus on osteopathic medicine and techniques.  She is the fifth year coach of UNC-CH, the captain of the 2010 Club Women’s Quarter finalists, Phoenix, and the President/Founder of the Triangle Youth Ultimate League (  Before discovering Ultimate in 2001, Lindsay ran track and field for Michigan State University while getting her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology.

JAMIE NUWER, Sports Medicine

Jamie is a Sports and Family Medicine doctor in the San Francisco bay area.  She also serve as the chairwoman of the medical advisory committee at USA Ultimate.  She has been writing the Injury Timeout column for USA Ultimate for the past 6 years and have a website devoted to injury prevention and management (  She has played Ultimate since 1999 and coached college ultimate since 2003.  Jamie started at Stanford then went to UCLA for med school, and now coaches Stanford.  Jamie retired from women’s club Ultimate last season after playing at Worlds with the club team she helped start Zeitgeist.  Jamie is now focusing on starting a bay area women’s masters team called Dark Horse.

TYLER KINLEY, Captain of Seattle Sockeye

Tyler is captain of Seattle Sockeye, where he is primarily a defensive handler. Known for guarding top handlers and distributing the disc after the turn, Tyler also leads Sockeye’s workouts. Tyler has played Ultimate for Tulane University, University of Michigan, BAT, and currently plays for Sockeye. He has experience coaching and teaching ultimate on youth, college and club levels on multiple continents.

How do I heal and still train? Is my knee actually injured? Do ice baths really work? Ask away, our panelists are waiting.

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