Skyd Power Rankings: Club Open (Pre-Season)

by | July 7, 2011, 1:01pm 0

With a couple tourneys under the collective belts of Club Ultimate teams, we present our top ten teams.  Some teams haven’t played publicly yet and those that have are at most one full-strength tourney into the season; we have taken into consideration last year’s play, roster changes, and the early season tourneys that have taken place so far.

Oct. 12 - Nov. 23Nov. 23 - Jan.4 Jan. 4 - Feb. 15Feb. 15 - March 28March 28th - Tryout
Focuses on learning the primary lifts (squat, deadlift, presses) through controlled movement and strict tempo.
Accessory work includes isometric holds and unilateral exercises.
Continues the tempo of the previous cycle while introducing more complex variations of the Olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) before transitioning to a typical linear progression.
Accessory work includes high rep isolation exercises focused on building size and limiting weaknesses.
Introduces a progressive overload to the primary lifts and includes days where bar speed is prioritized over weight.
Accessory work includes lower rep explosive movements, sprinting, and variations of the Olympic lifts that serve as teaching tools.
Primary lifting is reduced to increase focus on speed development. The snatch and clean and jerk are the primary focus with squatting serving as a secondary movement.
Accessory work includes change of direction drills, plyometrics with the goal of translating gym work into field performance.
Heavy lifting is reduced as getting prepared for the season takes priority.
Accessory work should consist of track workouts, change of direction and sport specific drills, and scrimmages.

Talking Points:

Toronto GOAT

Making to the finals of the Boston Invite over a handful of last year’s nationals qualifiers is a strong showing for the pre-season. GOAT fell 12-15 to Ironside in the final, but has proven they’re a contender.

Raleigh Ring of Fire

After a major player turnover Ring too may be in the process of a rebuilding year. However a split squad Ring took out a field of Regional challengers at the First Shots pre-season tournament.

Think we’re right, wrong, or full of horsefeathers?  Give us your top 10 in the comments below.

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