Skyd Power Rankings: Club Mixed (08/25/11)

by | August 25, 2011, 10:48am 0

Lift: Squat and Press
Extra: Unilateral Exercises and Mid-Line Accessory Work
Lift:Upper and Lower Pull
Extra: Pull Volume and Conditioning
Active RestLift: Squat and Bench
Extra: Upper Isolation and Conditioning
Lift: Posterior Chain Development
Extra: Glute and Back Volume
Sport Specific ConditioningFull Rest
Lift: Unilateral Lower Exercise and Bench Press
Extra: Squat Volume and Conditioning
Lift: Upper and Lower Pull
Active RestLift: Squat and Press
Extra: Mid-Line Accessory Work
Focus: Speed Development and Upper Pull
Extra: Sprints
Sport Specific ConditioningFull Rest

Mixed is a hell of a drug.

The Northbest?

Three Northwest teams sit in the top three. Reigning champions, the Polar Bears, still have it. After beating the field at ECC the PBRs are looking to make it a repeat. Team Fisher Price is crowned mixed Canadian champions once again with a victory over Odyssée. While we don’t have head to head results for TFP and the rest of America, the Canadian champions have a lot of teams trembling in their boots. Big Foot, formerly Swagger, formerly Remix, may finally have their act together. The Foot stomped on the competition making their way to the ECC final. Whether plagued with injuries or just not up to PBR’s level, Foot dropped a lead and landed in the 3-spot.


It’s clear that Odyssée is a good team. They played an incredibly tight game with Team Fisher Price in the Canadian Ultimate Championships finals, and have beaten the likes of Slow White and District 5, but with a loss to CLX we had to drop ’em down a few pegs.

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