Overhaul 2011 Preview

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Recent History

Kristin Essary steps out wide for the throw - Photo by Alex Jakstys

Don’t take last year’s record alone as an indication of Overhaul’s success. While they had losses to Regionals level teams, they proved the sweetness of revenge with frequent rematch wins, including defeating Bucket at Nationals 15-9 after losing to them the previous day. Interestingly, they won two matchups against Regional rivals Chad Larson Experience, only to lose to them in the game to go to the Big Show. Note that their only regular season losses to teams who made it to Nationals (District 5, Drag’n Thrust, and Chad Larson Experience) were the teams who placed above them (Second, and 3T respectively). Overhaul finished 2010 in 5th place.

Logan Braun getting up big for the D - Photo by Logan Braun's Camera

2011 has so far told a similar story, with losses to Chad Larson Experience and Boston’s Slow White at Philly Invite, but a 12-11 win over District 5. They lost again to CLX and Drag’n Thrust at Colorado Heavyweight Championship, and avoided a rematch against Bucket because a hurricane cancelled Chesapeake Open. Moving on to the series, Sectionals didn’t fare as well for Overhaul as they would have liked, though the loss to Steamboat didn’t deter them from taking second place and snagging the spot to Regionals. We’ll see how they come out of the Central Region, but expect awesome games against CLX and Drag’n Thrust. Overhaul is hoping to fare just as well at Nationals, if not even better. If last year taught us anything, it’s to not discount the team that places third in their Region, even in this year where the best are coming together to qualify for Worlds.

This year’s seeing pretty major changes to the Overhaul roster, with only 11 returners this year. What they may have lost in age and experience (the oldest player is now only 29), they gained in youth and athleticism. Picking up local college kids Jesse Ellwood (Michigan State), Stephanie Kotsiris (Michigan State), Vicki Chang (Michigan, fresh off her tour at College Nationals), and Alex Fegert (Michigan) promises a high level of on-field ferocity. Other notable gains include Ben Murphy (TAU) and Julia Weinert, previous Michigan alum and coach, and Beach Worlds Team USA member.

Strategy and Philosophy

Jesse William getting around a massive block - Photo by Alex Jakstys

Generally, Overhaul is full of consistent players who are studs on both sides of the disc. However, the huge roster turnover has led to challenges in maximizing the efficiency of all the players. Watch out specifically for Johnny Bansfield to make a big play in any game. Captain Colin McIntyre says their goals involve not only qualifying for Nationals but playing their best, hoping to relive last year and peak at the ideal time. The team goal is to play high-level ultimate, and if that qualifies them for Worlds, so be it. McIntyre says the team has provided a great playing opportunity for young players in Michigan, and they’ve been enjoying the season so far. Many of the team members are involved with teams at local schools University of Michigan and Michigan State, but getting people to hang around for the summer is also a challenge. Yet it seems their reputation draws the best, and with the selling point of being able to play a strong region all summer long, expect to see some top plays from people we’ve been watching in the Spring.

Featured Photo by Alex Jakstys

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