Breakmark Reversible Contest: Winners

by | October 13, 2011, 1:54pm 0

After much deliberation, we decided it best to skip steps 3/4 and take you straight to the action. We’ve picked our favorites to win 20 FREE team Reversibles in the Open and Women’s division, as well as one Wildcard to win team hats!

We received a ton of great videos that regaled us with stories of team histories, traditions and games. Skyd and Breakmark would like to thank all who spent time putting their videos together. We had a fantastic time learning more about your teams and wish we could award you all for your efforts. Alas, we cannot. Which is why we picked the best of the best to win, those whose effort and presentation went above the rest.

Open Division Winner – West Windsor Plainsboro Northern Knights (they’re all Asian)

There were a ton of fantastic entries in the Open Division, but we loved the earnest spirit and passion the Northern Knights displayed for the game.

Honorable Mention: Stanford Bloothirsty (we guessed “no egg” too), Xavier University (most pregnancies in the region)


Women’s Division Winner – University of Washington Element

Some fantastic entries in the Women’s Division as well. UW’s presentation of team tradition and fun tipped them over the edge.

Honorable Mention: Monarch HS


Wildcard Winner – McMinnville High School Grizz Friz

We were completely overwhelmed by the unabashed nerdiness of this team. And just when you think this video couldn’t get more nerdy, they completely flip the tables and hit us with a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack. If that’s not a wildcard, then we don’t know what is.


Congrats to the winners and again, thanks to all teams that entered. We wish we could award you all some gear for your awesome effort and passion. Best of luck this season to you all this season and thanks Typical Ted for his help and to Breakmark for partnering with us on this contest.

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