The Quick Look at Open Nationals

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The debate has taken place, the odds are in, and we are all just anxiously awaiting the end to a great season. The looming weekend can’t come fast enough for us ultimate junkies, that now have a voice here at Skyd. We were asked to come up with a theme piece to talk about a storyline for this championship bout. Well I have a few, and then 16 Haikus.

Dynasty? Revolver.

We’ve seen the articles about how Revolver could be beaten or lose, but what does it mean if they win, and win handily? The other dynasties that come to mind are the runs by NYNY, DoG, Condors, Sockeye/Furious, and now Revolver entering that territory? This is an early discussion, but a victory this weekend would mean two straight for Revolver, and a lot of cross over from the Jam team that won in 2008. Should Revolver win and keep this roster together, there’s no reason to think that this couldn’t be the next ultimate dynasty.

Not enough, they cheer
Robbie Cahill sends it deep
Beau reads, Goodnight Moons

The, we think they can do it. Ironside and Chain.

Ironside or Chain? What’s your flavor? Most people seem to think that one of these two teams is heading to the finals with the opportunity to take down Revolver. Both are athletic, both have skilled players, and I think both have the capability. I happen to like Ironside just a little bit more, but then again, Chesapeake has robbed of us of knowing who really has the upper edge. Ironside has to be more consistent on offense than when I saw them at ECC, and I think the pressure is on Matt Rebholtz to play well if the title is going to Boston. Rumor is that Chain showed more patience in the win over Doublewide in the South Regional finals, and that’s going to be key for their success.

Nick Lance will throw flicks
Before the series they sprint
Chicks dig the long ball


Peter Prial Picked
a Peck
of Pickle Peppers
Big Muff Nuts, sound board

The Surprise, Furious George.

Gritty, veteran, the comeback kids? No one expected Furious George to be in this position. It’s all been documented elsewhere, but these guys have what it takes to take down some contenders. They’re going to grind out games with a systematic offense, and get D’s from nearly everyone on their roster. They’ve proved the doubters wrong before, don’t be shocked if they do it again.

Dump Swing, Up the Line
The monkey is back, in time.
Easy Luongo

The Hype Machine. Double Wide.

With the rise of Bro Ultimate tips, Brodie has become a central focus of us media junkies as we wait for Doublewide to ascend into a title contender. With Kurt Gibson and a plethora of other athletic studs, Doublewide was supposed to make a serious run at the finals this year. After a win at Colorado Cup, Austin has left a lot on the table. Will this team finally put it together and live up to the hype?

Gibson holds the disc
Brodie Smith is off with tricks
I just want Beef Tips

Upset Special? Ring of Fire, Truck Stop, Johnny Bravo, and Goat

None of these teams are being labeled as contenders for the title this weekend. However, they all have the capability to end a contenders season. Ring of Fire lives up to their name with their intense passion and desire that translates into either good or bad momentum. Truck Stop has the athleticism to hang with the top teams, but I’m not sure they can rise to the occasion. Bravo has the defense needed to produce turns against top talent, but their offense needed an overhaul after Labor Day. If they put in the work, you can expect to see them in quarters. GOAT has been under the radar having only lost to Ironside in the last two months.

Ring of Fire

You’re Hot and you’re Cold,
yes then you’re no, in and your
out. I walk the line.

Truck Stop

A.Kolick, Blue Steel
Prettiest in Ultimate.
Brodie, but hair tips.

Johnny Bravo

Colorado Raised
Energy, Animated
Smile Jimmy Mickle


Second in the north,
Second season, second chance.
Leafs? Playoffs? No.

Oh, you won your region? Wait,  really? Sub Zero.

Sub Zero has won their region, but has gotten the fanfare that Cornell got for winning the Metro East. Eric Johnson has been playing like a rabid beast, like he did on day one at college nationals. Seeing one player dominate is good for spectators, but the RSD talk is that the top teams will be able to shut him down. We can only hope that he continues his pace for entertainment sakes.

What it means to me,
EJ, Sub Zero

The, you lost to someone in your region but we’re still ranking you higher. Machine.

At Skyd the feeling around is that Machine might be more powerful that Subzero going into Nationals. Pool C looks like  a great chance for Machine to sneak their way into a power pool should Ring or Furious play down to their opponents. However, Machine is going to have pressure on them each game as Southpaw brings experience to the table.

Luke Johnson keeps us
entertained  with vimeo.
Welcome, the Machine.

Madison Club

Third from the center,
Will Colin Camp Strike Again?
Wisconsin Hoooooooooooo Dags.


Pittsburgh Born and Bred,
the Haiders are gonna hate.
Al, Just Win Baby.


Put up on a shelf,
despite a past of quarters.
Danger at Bottom.


Tyler Conger will
conjur flicks out of thin air.
Tennessee Whiskey.


Santa Barbara
Back once again, time to fly.
The Daiquiri Deck

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