Skyd Power Rankings: College Open (03/12/12)

by | March 12, 2012, 9:05am 0

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Talking Points:

A new number one, Oregon.

Should be no surprise with the way Oregon went through competition at Stanford Invite.  We suspected that Pitt would fall from the number one spot throughout the course of the season, can Ego keep it up with a target on their back?

Shuffling, keeping the tiers in tact.

At this point in the season, we’re relatively confident on tiers 1 (top 7) and tiers 2 (next 7), but after that we have teams with multiple wins and losses.  Things get pretty hectic but with Centex and Easterns to round things out, we will have an idea where people stand. Luther is the one team in this group that we’ve had ranked high but has under performed. We’re hesitant to move Luther down because Eric Johnson hasn’t played with the squad yet. However, if you wanted to take their results as an indication, they wouldn’t be listed in the top 20.

Moving on down… Central Florida

Central Florida has certainly shown themselves to be a talented team early on, but their results from Vegas indicate that they aren’t running through competition like they are a top 5 team.  How much you beat opponents by is important, but we’ll see at Easterns where they really belong in the mix.

Welcome to the machine, Texas, Stanford

Stanford and Texas have made it into the top 20 for the first time this season. While Texas beat Stanford in consolation, Stanford beat them in pool play and then played more games before losing in the 9th place game.  Either way, these guys have played their way into our top 20, for now.

The last team in, Florida

This is the one spot open for the most debate. Trying to find a clear cut winner seemed improbable. Florida’s season credentials seemed better overall than the other teams fighting to get in. An early season win over Wisconsin, playing Colorado tough in the pre-quarters, and other than that just going on the eye test. There’s definitely a claim for a lot of other teams to be in this spot.


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