Skyd Power Rankings: College Open (04/26/12) – Post-Conference

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes… Conferences Upsets

Tons of movement in this edition of the power rankings, but only one exit. North Carolina, in losing to South Carolina was ousted from the top 20. All of the Michigan State fans can relax as we have finally been inserted in as the second team from the Great Lakes. Whitman is still hanging in our top 20 as we gave the snub to Texas A&M. A&M should not go unnoticed regardless, with their win over Texas in conferences. Repeat that performance and we’ll see them in the top 20 next time. Stanford moves up with their win over Cal while the middle ends up being similar.

Winter is finally here…

The North Central has 5 teams in our top 11, and for good reason. Iowa has solid wins over Luther, and is vying for that number one seed this weekend. I doubt things will go completely to seed, so we should see some movement just based on this tournament alone. Carleton has moved up after their win over Minnesota, recovering over a sub par performance at Centex.  Iowa is high in the USAU rankings, but I’m not convinced that they are top 5 unless they can get 1st or 2nd this weekend. Forecast for NC Regionals is also for snow on Saturday. I think Wisconsin has already started building the Wall to keep all of those IHUC wildlings out.

Florida vs. UCF

A loss to a top 20 team definitely warrants some movement, but we’re not going to give the death sentence to Central Florida. It was a universe point loss with apparently some controversial moments. Regardless, the South East regional is going to be a great tournament. Three teams in our top 20 will battle over two spots while Georgia sits just outside hoping for an opportunity. Florida State is also going to be hungry, and this is your shout out. Next weekend you have to take care of business in the finals when it counts.

We’ll see where things round out by Regionals. We know a couple of things, two of those teams in our top 20 are not making nationals.  Also to note, we will only be including people who qualify for nationals in our next top 20. So UConn, here is your chance.


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