First Crack at Seeding

by | May 6, 2012, 6:10pm 0

Joaq Nagle and I sat down for a quick 5 minute crack at seeding, and decided we should start the hotly anticipated discussion.

First off we’re using format 17.1.3 in the format manual to determine the pools. After that we just did quick run through. Enjoy the debate!

  1. Oregon – Explanation, no.
  2. Pittsburgh – See above
  3. Carleton – Surviving King Joffrey’s wrath
  4. UCF – Hard to place these guys, don’t want an NC regional rematch
  5. Wisconsin – semis at Warm Up, Stanford, and Centex
  6. Tufts – Won QCTU, Semis at Centex, Semis at Easterns
  7. Luther – 3rd in the NC
  8. Minnesota- 4th in the NC- good regular season
  9. California – Won the Southwest, win over Colorado
  10. Colorado – Won the South Central
  11. Texas – Second in the South Central, good results
  12. North Carolina – Won the AC, H2H over Michigan
  13. Michigan – Won the GL
  14. Washington – 2nd in the NW
  15. Ohio – 2nd in the OV
  16. MSU – 2nd in the GL
  17. GT – 2nd in the SE
  18. California-Davis – 2nd in the SW
  19. Cornell – 1st in the ME, win over UMD
  20. Minnesota Duluth – 5th bid baby

Pool A: Oregon, Minnesota, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia Tech

Pool B: Pittsburgh, Luther, Texas, Washington, Davis

Pool C: Carleton, Tufts, Colorado, Ohio, Cornell

Pool D: UCF, Wisconsin, California, Michigan State, Minnesota Duluth

And now you tell us why we’re wrong.

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