Regionals Weekend 1: Rapid Reactions (Open)

by | May 1, 2012, 2:16pm 0

After an exciting first weekend of regionals I wanted to throw a few thoughts out about what we’ve learned going forward towards the college championships.

  • Washington is who we thought they were. After a strong SB Invite and Pres Day we had them ranked pretty high. We didn’t punish them for faltering slightly at Centex, and come the series, they showed their true colors. Washington‘s only recent losses are to Oregon has three recent losses, two are to Oregon who will be the 1 seed at Nationals, the other is to Whitman who is still a top 30 RRI team. On the year they have no losses outside of the RRI top 30.
  • Four of the top six (most likely top five) seeds have qualified: Ego, Pitt, Carleton, Wisconsin
  • Baring huge upsets this coming weekend, a lot of the bottom five seeds filled out: Minnesota-Duluth, Cornell, UC-Davis
  • Speaking of UC-Davis, it’s hard to know how good they are. They didn’t have a good SB Invite, they had a slightly better PresDay, then a Stanford Open on par with their PresDay performance. After that they didn’t play another tournament until the series, that’s all of March and most of April. Come series time they looked like a much improved team, more steady on O and applying a lot more pressure on D.
  • I would seed the teams thus far in this order: Oregon, Pitt, Carleton, Wisconsin, Luther, Minnesota, California, Michigan, Washington, Ohio, Michigan State, UC Davis, Minnesota-Duluth, Cornell. This seeding makes me feel like Michigan is too high, and Michigan State is too low. It’s hard to move Michigan State up while dropping Michigan. Washington has a head-to-head win over Michigan State, Ohio has a better RRI, and Michigan gets credit for winning their region, lots to consider.

What does everyone else think?

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