Chasing Sarasota: Coming to a Theater Near You

by | June 21, 2012, 7:30am 0

After 8 months of post-production, Chasing Sarasota is ready to come to a theater near you. The DVDs are shrink wrapped, the jerseys are hot off the presses and the Rhino discs are shiny. All that’s left is booking theaters across the country – that’s where you come in.

On the Chasing Sarasota Facebook page under the “Events” tab, there are listings for cities all over North America. For every city that gets over 100 people to sign up for the event, Blurred Lens Productions will start researching a screening in your city. Premieres have already been booked in Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, Seattle and Colorado Springs. This is your opportunity to spread the word to everyone you know and help make a Chasing Sarasota event happen in your town!

When Chasing Sarasota comes to your city, it’s not just a screening of the film, it’s much more. You’ll get an exclusive showing of the film on the big screen, a Q&A session with the director, access to Chasing Sarasota merchandise only available at events (DVDs, digital downloads, Rhino jerseys, Rhino discs, the soundtrack and more), and a Rhino-style after-party!

If your city’s Premiere gets enough buzz on Facebook, you may just find an Ultimate movie in your local theater!

* → click on the “Events” tab → find your city’s Premiere → join the event and share it with all your friends.*

**Note: the date on the event isn’t the actual date, it’s just a placeholder. Facebook requires that information to create an event. If your city gets a screening, expect a different date.**

***If you have additional ideas for how to bring this to your city or want to partner with the film please send an e-mail to***

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