Thursday Dumps: Chain & Ozone, MadClub & PoNY, Euro Crossover, Pitt-CUT Semi

by | June 14, 2012, 10:08am 0

  • Both Madison Club and PoNY announced their rosters today. Stay tuned for the launch of Skyd’s club coverage…
  • Have you been watching Euro 2012? Inside Breaks’ Joaquin Nagle has passed along a few very excellent strategy breakdowns from soccer that that relate well to thinking about space in ultimate. This Zonal Marking post from the Germany v. Netherlands game talks about moving off the ball and creating space for your teammates. Joaq also sent along the following: “The Spain vs. Italy game at the Euro’s was really interesting tactically. Spain set up in their classic 4-3-3, with the center forward dropping back into the midfield instead of staying up front (called a ‘false 9’). This tactic usually gives Spain (and Barcelona, as they do this) a numerical advantage in the midfield, and leaves the other team with unnecessary wide defenders. The Italians countered with a 3-5-2 formation where the center of the back three played ‘sweeper’ having 3 central midfielders countered Spain’s numerical advantage, and having 3 central defenders put Italy in a good postion to handle the tendency for Spain’s wide players to cut inside. Finally, the two ‘wing-backs’ for Italy were able to deal with Spain’s fullbacks bombing forward. It’s all pretty cool, and explained in great detail here at Zonal Marking.”

We thought ESPN Classic was gonna jump on this one but it seems to have slipped through the cracks. Enjoy this full game footage of Pittsburgh’s epic comeback against Carleton in this year’s College Championships semifinal.

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