Women’s Ultimate is Not Worth Watching

by | June 15, 2012, 5:33pm 0

… is the statement that is being made by the lack of women’s ultimate DVD sales and general viewership history.

Disagree? Does the title of this article make you pissed off? Think it’s worth watching, and would like to see more of it?

Now is your chance to prove it.

NexGen Network is currently offering a free live-stream of Fury vs. Team Canada, 4:30 Pacific Time, 7:30 Eastern. Saturday, 6/16.

Watch free on Facebook here!
Watch for $2.99 here!

Regardless, this is an opportunity. Kevin Minderhout, the guy who runs NexGen, would love to show women’s ultimate. Would love to. But he’ll only do it if it’s worth his time, meaning, there are a bunch of people who prove they’re interested in watching it — and, most importantly, — will take the time to watch it.

So, ladies, let’s watch the hell out of this game. Invite some friends over, have ’em bring their laptops, and watch it. Do it for the future of women’s broadcasts for this year’s club season, for this upcoming college season, for the potential to be on Sportscenter or to show your parents or whatever you want from it.

This is a real opportunity — are we going to let it pass us by?

**This article co-written by Tyler Kinley, who pushed the idea, knowing the massive implications of the viewership on future broadcasts for women’s ultimate.

Photo by Scobel Wiggins

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