Live Updates: Day 2

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Open @ 2:09

Ironside vs. Sockeye

  • Ironside ran away with this game thanks to defensive intensity and patient offense
  • Danny Karlinsky, Phil Murray and Nate Castine all sat for Sockeye
  • Ironside’s offense was efficient in the wind
Johnny Bravo vs. Ring of Fire
  • Bravo struggled to work the disc upwind after getting the turn
  • Ken Porter repeatedly made athletic plays on defense for Ring of Fire
  • Brett Matzuka and Noah Saul were very effective with the disc for Ring of Fire’s offense
  • Ring moves on to Quarters while Johnny Bravo faces Chain Lightning in Pre-Quarters

Women’s – Ryan Thompson

* This was an upwind-downwind game and both teams threw a variety of junk and zone defenses
* Riot threatened upwind with Rohre Titcomb’s huge backhand hucks through Traffic’s cup, plus throws deep from Hana Kawai and Surge Griffith once they caught Titcomb’s hucks.
* Plays of the game: Gwen Ambler’s layout D on a swing pass on Traffic’s endzone, Katy Craley’s full extension endzone grab, Troy Hislop’s huge backhand huck to Jen Kwok for an upwind break.
* Catherine Hui played great deep defense and scored a ton of goals for Traffic. Kira Frew’s throws were on full display, as were Alyssa Weatherford’s for Riot.
* Only five breaks – upwind/downwind pairs for Riot in the first half and Traffic in the second half, then Riot upwind at 15-14 to win.

Molly Brown-Showdown
* Molly Brown took an early lead, but Showdown came roaring back to take half with a break 8-7. But Molly Brown broke out of half several times to take a late game 13-10 lead.
* Showdown rallied to score five in a row at the end of the game, winning 16-14 after being down 11-14.
* Bex Forth, Janel Venzant, and Sarah Blyth worked the disc upwind masterfully for Showdown
* Unfortunately for Showdown, Katey Forth and Cara Crouch had less success going downwind. Crouch tunneled in on the open side, but when she did look break she threw some great goals.
* Showdown went away from their zone defense in the middle of the game, but it was huge on game point when Katey Forth got a D in the cup and threw a quick goal to win it.
* Shelby Kuni caught two tipped discs and had a layout grab on a wind-caught low disc at 14-14, then hit Bex Forth upline right before Forth hit Mia Iseman to go up 15-14.

Scandal-Brute Squad
I only caught one point of this game, but Scandal was playing what looked like a 3-woman cup zone with a really short wing on the trap side and another defender playing dump defense. Brute had mild success working the disc up the trap sideline throwing backhand blades around the short wing. Scandal won 15-13.



Open@ 11:19

Johnny Bravo vs. Revolver

  • High wins lead to lots of turnovers, both teams sloppy on offense
  • Bravo down the entire game, tied it up early after being down a couple breaks
  • Bravo’s offense forced to work at it, defense has opportunities to break at the goal line, throwaways and drops kill their chances
  • Beau Kittredge and Hylke Sneider matched up, Sneider marking Kittredge even, Kittredge getting lay out blocks on the turns
  • Revolver pulls away from 11-10 to make it 14-10, winning 15-11

Ironside vs. GOAT

  • Ironside came out on fire, with 3 straight breaks
  • GOAT never found their hucks and continued to give the Ironside defense the disc in the first half
  • Ironside zone o was patient and effective. Rebholz, Markette and Cooper moved the disc effortlessly
  • Big win for Ironside going into their biggest test against Sockeye
Sockeye vs. Rhino

  • Rhino had uncharacteristic drops and Sockeye punished them
  • Rhino’s lines were more open, Norden played well off the bench
  • Sockeye’s quick handler movement is well suited for the wind
  • Have to wonder whether Sockeye’s big cup will work against Ironside’s solid handlers

Notes from first half of round one:

CLX vs. Cosa Nostra, Power Pool E of Mixed Division

  • Magon Liu playing a huge game offensively, making plays with both throws and catches. Gibbs still a scary cutter.
  • CLX handlers able to work the disc more effectively than Cosa’s group. Cosa relying on hucks to get the disc downfield, having trouble converting in red zone.
  • CLX recognized Cosa’s struggles, satisfied with punting on downwind points to force Cosa into short turns.

Sockeye vs. Rhino, Power Pool E of Open

  • Rhino has the throwers to work Sockeye’s zone. Upside down throws plentiful, Chase working his scoober.
  • Rhino not making great decisions and struggling with Sockeye’s varying looks. Also struggling with downwind forehand. At least 3 turns to open side on overthrows.
  • Sockeye able to convert more effectively, Rhino giving up big run with bad turns.
  • Montague looking very comfortable with wind handling for Sockeye.

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