Live Updates: Round 3 – Final

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Women’s @ 5:44

Game of the Round: Traffic-Phoenix

Another thriller in Pool D! Phoenix shot out to a 12-7 lead, but Traffic started their comeback earlier than they did against Nightlock. Traffic scored eight points in a row to win the game 15-12, behind great defense from Catherine Hui and some great upwind offense. Traffic shut down Phoenix’s upwind handler dominator with Kira Frew, Candice Chan, and Catherine Hui matching up against Leila Tunnell, Lindsey Hack, and Sharon Tucker.

The most important point came at 14-12 Traffic, with Phoenix receiving going downwind. One point for Phoenix would send Phoenix up to the power pools, and Traffic would go down to the lower pools with a loss to Nightlock, regardless of the game’s final score. But on that last point, Catherine Hui got a D on a breakside throw to Lindsey Hack, then caught a floaty pass in the endzone, toeing the sideline, winning the game for Traffic, 15-12.


Scandal jumped out to a 6-2 lead after giving up a break on the first point. But their four-woman cup contained Capitals and their upwind offense looked incredibly smooth. After taking half 8-3, the second half was a formality as the urgency seeped out of the game. Jenny Fey and Charlie Mercer threw some great throws and Sasha Bugler shut down Anne Mercier. The game was never in doubt as Scandal ran out easy winners.


Fresh off their tight win over Traffic, Nightlock was emotionally drained and went down 0-7 to Showdown. Bex Forth and Cara Crouch looked confident throwing in all directions in the wind, as Showdown cruised out to a 15-3 victory and Nightlock went to watch the Phoenix-Traffic game, hoping to sneak into the lower pools with a win.

Open @ 5:28

Doublewide vs. Johnny Bravo

  • Doublewide showed the depth of their roster, as a number of players were making an impact for their d-line
  • Johnny Bravo was down 7-5 before breaking 3 straight times to take half
  • Late in the game, Doublewide proved that they are talented in the air, collecting a number of big skys for goals.


Mixed @ 4:00 PM

The Ghosts vs. Odyssee

  • Odyssee’s last game seems to have them burnt out, they’re not playing with the same aggression they were against 7 Figures
  • The Ghosts are capitalizing on throwaways with big hucks. Even if they’re not completed, Odyssee is having a hard time working it back.
  • The Ghosts’ zone defense is cornering Odyssee, forcing turnovers close to their endzone line
  • A huge layout grab from Tim Cobbett scored the 8th point, taking The Ghosts to half 8-3

7 Figures vs. AMP

  • 7 Figures marks are putting a seemingly insurmountable amount of pressure on AMP
  • AMP looks frustrated at each other, while 7 Figures is looking fired up with the big 8-3 lead at half
  • If AMP translates their frustration to focus they could have a chance to come back, but for now their throwaways are costing the game

Mixed @ 3:16 PM

Overhaul over Bucket 15-12

  • After going down a pair of breaks early, Overhaul was able to stabilize the game.
  • Overhaul’s defensive line finally got on the field and got comfortable, they were able to make an adjustment with a four man cup.
  • Bucket countered effectively, with Taylor Nilan and Victor Wu putting up big hucks to Taylor “Tree” Goforth, who made big skies look easy.
  • Overhaul able to start defending Goforth on the huck
  • Once Overhaul’s zone contained Bucket and held them on the trap sideline, the low side of the field against the crosswind, they clamped down: “We got a lot of short turns [from our zone],” commented handler Ollie Honderd, “Our offense made some plays, but the defense won the game.”
  • If Bucket beats Cosa Nostra and Polar Bears takes care of Overhaul, it’ll be a three way tie for second in Pool A and decided by point differential. Keep an eye on those scores because they could end up mattering.



Open@2:55 PM

Chain Lightning vs. SubZero

  • Chain rebounded from their loss to GOAT on the energy of their defense. Byron Liu and Nicky Spiva had big layout Ds early in the game leading to an 8-2 halftime score
  • The deep game finally started clicking for Chain
  • SubZero’s offense was effective when they worked the break side out of their vert stack through speedy cutters Grant Lindsley and Julian Childs-Walker
  • Chain eventually ran away with the game making both team 1-1 on the day

Sockeye vs. GOAT

  • Sockeye’s big man cup (Montague, Barich, Sefton and Castine) caused problems for GOAT’s handlers
  • Frank Barich of Sockeye had an huge sky for a break to go up 4-3. Sockeye kept the momentum for the rest of the first half
  • Both teams struggled to find their deep game, though not for lack of trying. Wind played a large factor in a number of marathon points
  • GOAT recovered in the second half but Sockeye closed it out 15-13

Open @ 2:43 PM

Rhino vs. Furious 

  • Both teams had their runs of using zone and man in this windy 35 mph windy situation
  • At 11-7 Furious, Rhino employs a zone with Chase Sparling Beckley, Freechild, Bjorkland and others, they go on a 6-0 run to go up 13-11
  • Furious responds with great movement by Nick Menzies and Oscar Pottinger through the zone, flicks into the wind tie it at 13
  • Rhino loses the lead at 15-14, both teams respond with very easy possessions.
  • At 16-16, turnovers and injuries lead to the original lines not looking the same. Wiggins somehow comes up one of his many goals despite a broken thumb. Lefty push passes made Wiggins a viable cutter throughout the entire game. Can’t oversell his competitiveness and will to win. Rhino takes it 17-16
Machine vs. Ring
  • Junk zone throughout the game by both squads, trading points in the windy weather
  • After a few breaks by Ring of Fire, Machine takes a timeout to regroup, stays in the game.
  • Teams traded to 14-14, where Ring takes advantage of short fields and throwaways to pull away for the win 16-14.

Weather Update at 1:30: raining on and off, lots of clouds in the sky. Wind picking up and gusty

Mixed @ 1:18 PM

Overhaul vs. Bucket

  • Bucket takes an early lead, going up 3-0
  • Overhaul responds by throwing zone, brings it back to 6-5
  • Bucket starts putting up more deep shots to Goforth
  • Bucket takes half 8-5

Blackbird vs. Mischief

  • Both teams were working their hucks quite well, but sometimes struggled to work it the last few yards to score
  • Blackbird fronted Mischief’s big throwers, minimizing their huck opportunities
  • Hagen (Blackbird) had a huge layout attempt over a Shirley Wu to get to his opponent. The disc went back on a pick call.
  • Blackbird took half 8-7
MTF vs. Drag’n Thrust
  • MTF is winning this battle with their legs and focus
  • The Drag’n throws are popping up in this wind to give the MTF defenders multiple chances at making plays
  • Sisco (MTF) is showing intense focus, grabbing a disc that went just out of Alicia Carr’s layout reach
  • MTF leads 8-5 at half


Women @ 1:14 PM

Ozone – Molly Brown

Ozone take half 8-6 after being down 1-4. Upwind/downwind and offense/defense don’t matter as much as who can get open more consistently. Molly Brown is struggling to string together passes on Ozone’s D, and their zone is getting shredded.

Scandal – Schwa

Schwa came out firing against Traffic last round, but it’s been all Scandal so far. 13-1 at time of writing. Scandal is getting D’s on Schwa’s hucks and getting open at will upwind and downwind.

Nightlock – Traffic

Nightlock up 8-5 at half. Playing zone effectively and much calmer on offense than against Phoenix.


Open@ 1:09 PM

Furious vs. Rhino 

  • Furious opened up the game with a 3-0 lead, 2 breaks
  • Nick Menzies two big hucks to open up space for the offense, great vision
  • Rhino sputters on a break chance upwind before half, Furious converts off the turn, 8-5 Furious
  • Lack of Seth Wiggins right thumb playing big role, offense doesn’t look smooth
Sockeye vs. GOAT
  • Sockeye up 7-4, recovering from past loss to Sub Zero
Chain Lightning vs. Sub Zero
  • Chain Lightning out for revenge, hammering Sub Zero 8-2 at half
PoNY vs. Doublewide
  • PoNY as usual, sticking around against Doublewide at 5-4


Women’s @ 12:10 PM

Game of the Round: Scandal vs. Nemesis

Chicago’s Nemesis did not go down easily in an extremely tight game against Washington, D.C.’s Scandal. Kelly Johnson and Lizzy Shiel were consistently open in the handler positions and around the endzone for Nemesis, and Scandal really struggled to shut down Johnson’s around backhands. But Scandal’s four-woman cup gave Nemesis fits going upwind, and Charlie Mercer and Jenny Fey’s beautiful hucks found Sam McClellan in the endzone again and again. Scandal broke early on, but Nemesis held until they could break back halfway through the first half.

Despite being on the worse end of the most impressive play of the game, a huge layout D from Johnson on Fey, Scandal broke again to go up 13-12, but Johnson got the disc upline consistently to hold upwind and then break downwind. Mercer kept Scandal in it with hucks to McClellan and Fey, forcing universe point. Nemesis worked it to Christine Dube on the forehand sideline near the endzone, but at a high stall count she punted it out the back. Scandal worked it without turning it over after a huck to Sandy Jorgensen. Opi Payne, who sat out the first half and played sparingly in the second, beat Johnson upline and hit Beach on the open side for the win, 16-15, DC holds seed.

Phoenix vs. Nightlock

Nightlock took a while to get their legs under them in most players’ first Club Championships appearance. Phoenix’s poachy man defense caused a lot of problems for Nightlock early on, and Phoenix shot out to a 14-7 lead. But Nightlock calmed down and got an upwind hold, then brought out a zone defense that gave Phoenix trouble. Nightlock started gaining confidence and rolled off five straight breaks before Phoenix clamped down on defense and won 15-13. Big upwind hucks to Michela Meister and Bri Cahn helped Nightlock rally, while Phoenix ran through Claire Chastain.

Traffic vs. Showdown

Traffic historically doesn’t travel well, and Showdown came out with a gameplan to minimize the impact of Kira Frew’s throws. Showdown used their four-woman cup effectively and was connecting on shots much better than Traffic. Candice Chan was getting the disc underneath easily, but couldn’t hit the upwind hucks, which Showdown defended well. Showdown runs out 15-10 after breaking several times to 11-5.


Mixed @ 11:58 AM

Slow White vs. MTF

  • Trading points all through the first half
  • One break puts MTF up 8-6 at half, a break makes it 9-6
  • MTF’s ladies (specifically Sisco and Megyesi) worked their backhand breaks repeatedly with give ‘n gos
  • Slow White starts capitalizing on their Ds and rallies back
  • Slow’s Miller hucks a few scores in a row, even switches it up to bring down a huck
  • Though MTF keeps up athletic play, they have a few costly drops and throwaways
  • Injury update: Alex Trahey looks out for the day with an injured ankle in an attempted layout catch
  • Slow White wins 15-12
Drag’n Thrust vs. ABBQ
  • ABBQ had way too many mistakes to keep up with the fast-paced Drag’n D line
  • The BBQ handlers were able to break the Drag’n marks well, but the Drag’n man D effectively shut down the cutters
  • Drag’n wins 15-12


Open @11:42 AM

GOAT vs. Chain Lightning

  • Chain Lightning not showing much energy, big plays aren’t leading to sideline excitement
  • Chain would work unders on offense, but lost patience
  • GOAT’s able to get open with upline cuts from handlers
  • GOAT found ways to beat Chain’s zone with patient swings
  • Toronto wins 15-9
PoNY vs. Johnny Bravo
  • Back and forth game, Josh Ackley managing the disc well for Bravo
  • PoNY’s offensive line held as long as possible, but lots of turnovers, drops by Gillis and others
  • Bravo breaks to win 17-15, avoiding a first round upset
Sockeye vs. Sub Zero
  • Shane Hoenstein’s first halftime speech makes the difference “Team that believes they are going to win, will win”
  • Sub Zero’s deep defensive line leads to break in second half
  • Sockeye’s pull plays stifled by defensive pressure
  • Sub Zero comes back from a 10-7 lead for a 15-13
Ironside vs. Rhino
  • Sloppy offensive play, but Boston’s defensive line kept getting break chances
  • Ironside runs away 15-6
Boost Mobile vs. Furious George
  • After being down 6-2, Furious George storms back to take half
  • Boost Mobile stays with it, but doesn’t have enough firepower
Revolver vs. Ring of Fire
  • After a close first half, Revolver pulls away for the 15-10 victory
  • Ring of Fire couldn’t convert on 7 breaks
Machine vs. Madison Club
  • Machine pulls away after score tied at 10s, wins 15-11


Open: @ 10:21 AM


PoNY vs. Johnny Bravo

  • PoNY was up 5-3 on Johnny Bravo before dropping the lead away. Bravo up 8-6 at half.
Revolver vs. Ring of Fire
  • Bart Watson is in fact playing. He’s making his rounds on the defensive line.
  • Ring of Fire has had chances to break and the offense is steady
  • Ken Porter matching up against Beau Kittredge
  • Revolver offense not looking as clean as they have in past
  • Ashlin Joye still playing Watson’s old role on offense
  • Revolver up 8-6 at half

Doublewide vs. Truck Stop

  • Cole Sullivan in a shoulder brace, while Brodie Smith can be seen limping on the sideline. Smith is dressed but did not play in first half.
  • Kurt Gibson is starting on the defensive line for Doublewide, leaving the offensive chemistry intact.
  • Jerrod Wolfe (DW) got the game started by scraping the sky on the first point
  • Truck Stop was down 5-2, went on a run to potentially tie at 5-5 before a Jeff Wodatch drop in the endzone
  • Tim Gehret keeping the defensive line disc moving
  • Alan Kolick playing effectively on offense
  • Doublewide leads 8-6 at half

Sockeye vs. Sub Zero

  • Matt Rehder out with broken arm
  • Simon Montague poach block early led to break for Sockeye
  • Sub Zero answered with a few breaks of their own
  • Both teams are struggling throwing into the wind
  • 8-6 Sockeye leads at half

Ironside vs. Rhino

  • Seth Wiggins playing defense with thumb wrapped up.
  • Ironside running spread on long turn, vertical stack on a short turn
  • Lots of turnovers on both sides due to discs being popped up
  • Chase Sparingly Beckley matched up with Colin Mahoney, getting the disc under but not a threat deep yet.
  • Jacob Janin goes down hard with an injury, update to come later
  • Ironside up 6-2 at last look

GOAT vs. Chain Lightning

  • Chain Lightning huck not working in the first half
  • Nick Lance is back playing offense and defense for Chain
  • Anatoly Vasilyev and Adrian Yearwood  dominating on the defensive line off of the turn for GOAT
  • GOAT throwing 4 man zone sets upwind, effective against Chain
  • Joel Wooten forcing Jeff Linqusit under, Linquist with no goals so far
  • GOAT dominating, up 8-4 at half


Ghosts vs. 7 Figures 

  • Ghosts try a zone early, doesn’t work, change to man get 4 breaks
  • Layout block from Kate Bealieu (The Ghosts) leads to early defensive socre
  • Ghosts up 6-2 at last look

Polar Bears vs. Bucket

  • Polak Shah (Polar Bears)  with a layout block
  • An-Chi Tsou seen limping on sideline, visiting trainer
  • Polar Bears up 8-5 at last look

Drag’N Thrust vs. American BBQ

  • Drag’N Thrust up 8-5 at half
  • Alicia Carr layout block leads to 9-5 lead for Drag’N Thrust

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