Starting 7: Club Women’s 2012

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Skyd is proud to present our new award for the 2012 Club Season, Starting 7 Presented by SAVAGE Ultimate. Starting 7 honors the top 7 players in each division for their skill, leadership and overall play up through regionals. Recipients will receive an award jersey provided by SAVAGE Ultimate. Congratulations to the following players who have been named our Starting 7 in the Women’s Division.

  1. Alex Snyder (Fury) is the 2006 Callahan winner and currently serves as a great on-field leader with amazing throws including an IO flick that consistenly destroys marks.
  2. Jenny Fey (Scandal) displays some of the best field sense in the game.  The fact that she threw twice as many goals as anyone else in the women’s division at the US Open is the most amazing stat we’ve seen all year.
  3. Leila Tunnell (Phoenix) is the 2011 Callahan winner, and puts up hucks practically uncomparable to any other player. Additionally, she contributes to the development of the sport as she served as a Team USA Junior Worlds assistant coach this year.
  4. Rohre Titcomb (Riot) is known for her pulls, but is also one of the most versatile throwers in the game. She’s a strong team leader for Riot, and can do everything on D from guarding handlers to playing deep in the zone.
  5. Liz Duffy (Ozone) was #1 in the 2009 Huddle draft and on the World Games team 2009. We recognize her for being one of the hardest workers in the game.
  6. Georgia Bosscher (Heist) has an incredible eye for scoring both as a cutter and as a thrower. The 2009 Callahan award winner also displays passion not just for the teams she plays on, but also in giving back to the ultimate community serving as a counselor at CUT Camp.
  7. Malissa Lundgren (Capitals) is a monster athlete who will get anything deep that floats. Also a gifted thrower, she’s a key player for both Team Canada and for the Capitals. Malissa was awarded Ultimate Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year in 2011.

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