The Ultimate Gift Tournament Expands

by | November 28, 2012, 7:55pm 0

When Todd Curran told me about The Ultimate Gift project last year, I thought about how amazing it is that the community is so willing to make giving a part of playing ultimate. The Ultimate Gift Tournaments are no exception. The concept is simple:

  1. Sign up for a Ultimate Gift hat tournament in your area
  2. Pay $10 registration fee to cover tournament costs
  3. Bring a toy to be donated to Toys for Tots

The great thing here is that it’s a win for everyone. The players win because they get to play and feel good about donating something; the TD’s win because they get all of their costs covered and can feel good about making a big contribution to a worthy cause; and kids in need win because they get toys from people that care.

This concept isn’t just local anymore either. Originally inspired by a benefit art show in Charleston, SAVAGE Ultimate‘s Todd Curran decided he wanted to make an impact and get discs and other gifts into the hands of needy children. This turned into their trial event last year in Charleston.

Since then this concept has exploded, now with Ultimate Gift tournaments in DC, Sacramento, Tampa, LA and more. A lot of children will be receiving gifts from Toys for Tots this year thanks to ultimate players across the nation.

This is a tradition that I think lots of ultimate players can get behind this holiday season and for seasons to come. I expect to see the Ultimate Gift Tournament continue to grow into  major ultimate communities across the nation. Kudos to Todd and crew for getting the ball rolling. Now it’s up to those local organizers and players to step up to the plate and play.

More info can be found hon their official website

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