Product Review: Crown Daywalker Hoodie

by | December 18, 2012, 11:35am 0

As part of their recent batch of releases, Five Ultimate’s Crown Daywalker Hoodie stands out as one of their more adventurous and loud sublimated pieces.

Classic Louis Vuittonesc print or easy way to get noticed?

Style (o/5)

The first thing I said when I opened the USPS package was, “What is this!?”. It might be your look, but it’s definitely not mine and it’s pretty hard to hide. The best way I can describe the sublimated print is it feels like you’re wearing an aqua-gold Louis Vuitton bag. Nevertheless I donned the apparel and went out to a comedy show thinking for sure that I was going to be unknowing feature act. Let’s just say people noticed and the only part showing was the hood.

Update: The Daywalker Hoodie does come in black for those feeling less adventurous.

Fit (3/5)

The Crown Daywalker Hoodie is made of a slightly heavier version of the material used in Five Ultimate’s popular Hydro shorts. That said my usual medium could easily stretch to fit two, if not three of me (5’10”, 165 lbs). Also the bottom hem is non-elastic contributing to the looser fit. If you’re looking for tight consider sizing down for this hoodie.

Hat (0/5)

I did manage to fashion something of a turban from the stretchy patterned garment but alas, this is not an intentional hat.

Material/Comfort (3/5)

The 88% polyester and 12% elastane blend is stupendously comfortable. It’s light, it breaths, it’s thin and holy hippopotamus does it stretch. But I’m giving it a three for this reason: just because something can be made out of Hydro material doesn’t mean it should. This particular material in this particular cut leaves the top with a split personality. It should either be a base layer (in which case it should lose the hood and front pocket) or a hoodie, in which case the material is too lightweight.

Features (3/5)

Front joey-pocket? Check. It’s not quite “just another hoodie”, but it’s close. The iPod pocket on the inside right seam is a nice feature included in many Five Ultimate products, but this one is a little small. Despite the elastic material, I could not securely fit my Android phone in — and no, I don’t have a mini-tablet/giant-phone. The Stretch Armstrong sleeves lack thumbholes, a feature that might drastically improve the piece by nudging the confused wants-to-be-hoodie-and-longjohns-at-same-time in the longjohns direction. Three out of five for missing the no-brainer thumbholes.

The Crown Daywalker Hoodie makes a big statement.

Price (4/5)

At 35 American clams, it’s not exactly depression friendly, but I can’t knock them for being on par with market prices. Anything similar from Under Armour would run you at least into the $50 price range. That said I’m not sure I would pony up if only because of the ridiculous sublimation. Again, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Overall (2/5)

Wants to be a heavy base layer or light outerwear. No thumbholes, but does have an iPod pocket. Get the next size down for tighter fit. Similar Hydro Short material. Stretchy wearable black-white-aqua-gold Louis Vuitton bag: $35.

Crown Daywalker Hoodie ($35)
Black Daywalker Hoodie ($35)


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