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Disruptions to Ultimate Peace programs are constant in the Middle East, but the recent violent outbreaks in Gaza and Tel Aviv made running Ultimate Peace programs very difficult. The mission of UPME is to bring Arabs, Jews, and Palestinians together to build trust and friendships so they can one day build a brighter future together, so when borders are closed, parents are afraid and kids feel the hate around them. It makes it very hard to do this important work. The recent events made us at UP realize we have to make sure our programs run year-round and reach more youth. No matter what is happening in the region, our programs must go on and keep blazing the trail of peace. Without such continuity, youth in the region can be pulled away very quickly from the programs and values that keep peace on their minds and in their hearts. We cannot afford to lose the incredible ground we have gained.

Ultimate Peace has always been and will continue to be almost exclusively volunteer-driven, but we have found to have consistent program oversight, coaching, and increasing numbers we have to find funds to pay our people who provide services on the ground, to ensure coaches coach and programs are organized. We simply can’t rely exclusively on generous volunteers for their time anymore. Transporting hundreds of youth is wildly expensive too, and there are snags at every turn trying to bring coaches into the West bank to coach and Palestinian kids into Israel across the border. It all costs money.

Ultimate Peace just began a vital 45 day “crowd-funding” campaign to raise money to bolster our year-round programs, and are featuring in it our new 3-minute video to highlight the power and impact of our work. Please watch it on this link and read more about our campaign: www.indiegogo.com/ultimatepeace

Even if you can’t help with money now, please watch it and send it around to anyone you think would be interested. You can help raise our ambitious goal of $150,000 with a donation of any size. We are trying to create as much momentum as possible, and we have a deadline, so please consider helping us today. Our programs depend on it. We are very grateful for your time and attention. Please consider giving the Gift of Peace Today.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom

David Barkan

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