Ultimate Coaches & Players Conference: Full Presenters List

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The Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference has just announced their final list of presenters. Registration for the conference is open now at www.ucpc.us. The conference is taking place March 2nd, 2013 in Boston, MA.

UCPC Seminars – The Complete List

Here is the final list of topics and presenters for this year’s UCPC.  Thanks to all who applied, who will present and who will attend.

Kenny Dobyns (keynote)
New York, NY
“44 Minutes of Kenny Dobyns Talking (though it will seem longer)”

Gwen Ambler
Seattle, WA
“Beyond the Women’s Clinic”
“The State of Women’s Ultimate” (panel discussion)

Brent Anderson
Springfield, MA
“Defense Wins Games”

David Barkan
San Anselmo, CA
“Spirit of the Game Codified:  How Ultimate Peace Defines, Teaches and Evaluates SOTG”
“Ultimate Can Change the World:  An Inside Look at Critical Lessons Learned by Ultimate Peace and What it Means for You.” 

Tiina Booth
Amherst, MA
“Mental Toughness 101:  The Myth of Momentum”

 Jeff Brown
Needham, MA

“O and D: Why You Need More than One Look and How to Use Them.”

Gene Buonoccarsi
Somerville, MA
“Lessons on Teaching First Time Youth Players”

Sophie Herscu and Amber Sinicrope
Denver, CO and Cambridge, MA
“Small Schools, Big Scope:  Bringing Women’s College Programs to New Levels”

 John Korber
Amston, CT
“Actions Over Outcomes:  Preparing for, Achieving, and Measuring Success 

Matt Mastrantuono
Portland, OR
“Creating a Big Ultimate Project:  The Story Behind Chasing Sarasota”

Tim Morrill
Boston, MA
“Training for Ultimate-Popular Misconceptions”
“Advances in Explosive Ultimate” 

Mario O’Brien
Portland, OR
“The Riseup Effect:  Using Technology to Improve Individual and Team Performance”

  Jim Pistrang
Amherst, MA
“How to Run Subs Fairly and Efficiently”

Meredith Tosta
Denver, CO
“The Holistic Coach:  Rewards and Challenges of Coaching”

 Elliot Trotter
Seattle, WA
“Skyd Magazine Presents:  The Future of Ultimate” (panel discussion) 

Russell Wallack
Jamaica Plain, MA
“How We Built Our College Program and What We Learned from It”

Micah Flynn
Somerville, MA
“Running an Effective Tryout”

Jeremy Kauffman
Philadelphia, PA
“Bits Don’t Bite: Accomplish Your Goals with the Web & Social Media”

Matt Mackey
Lebanon, NH
“Starting a New Club Team:  How to Plan, Prioritize and Strategize for Success”

Michael Lovinguth
Boulder, CO
“Creating a Standards-based Skills-based Curriculum for Physical Educators grades (K-6)”
“USAU Youth Programs Catalogue”

Tony Miocic
Chicago, IL
“From NO to GO: Working and Succeeding with a School Administration”

Jim Pistrang
Amherst, MA
“How to Run Subs Fairly and Efficiently”

George Stubbs/Ben Van Heuvelen
Boston, MA and New York, NY
“Teaching Telepathy:  How to Build Teams with Great Chemistry”

Leila Tunnell
New York, NY
“Putting the Play Back in Playing: How to Make Working Hard at Practice More Enjoyable”

Raymie Youkin
Louisville, KY
“What Ultimate Teams Can Learn from Efficient Scouting”

Mick Stukes
Charlotte, NC
“Using Video Technology to Improve Throwing Mechanics”

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