Friday Dumps: WOC, RISE UP, Gangnam

by | February 22, 2013, 10:40am 0

  • The WFDF 2013 World Overall Championships (WOC) to be held in Sweden. Competitions this year will be held in seven flying disc events — Freestyle, Double Disc Court (DDC), Discathon, Accuracy, Disc Golf, Distance and Self-Caught Flight (SCF). Not ultimate, but cool none the less. I’m putting my DDC team together as I type…

RISE UP Ultimate shares a preview of Ep 2 from Season 2:

So a lot of that Harlem Shake business came out these last couple weeks. A few ultimate teams got in on the fun, but I couldn’t help but dislike it. Now I’m a big proponent of fun, but the shake just seemed uninventive. As if someone just decided there would be a meme and everyone else got in on the joke except there wasn’t actually a joke to begin with. Like a game of telephone gone horribly wrong.

In looking at the video below though, yet another parody of Gangnam style, I can’t help but smile. Yes, it’s played and even getting to the edge of tolerance for me. But Gangnam style seemed something a bit deeper than Harlem Shake. A well constructed internet sensation that had clearly thought out its presentation as a meme. On the surface level, the music is perhaps more catchy and danceable. The video itself is creative, and absurd in ways that seem to have weight. I’d align Gangnam Style with a well put together haunted house, with a clear theme and production. Harlem Shake seems like that kid who drank way too much soda.

Maybe I’m thinking too much into it, but I felt I needed to justify posting this Gangnam Style video as opposed to another Harlem Shaker. Looking at this parody. I can’t help but think, ultimate too is a carefully constructed meme. Forged in the fires of alternativism, this anti-sport wished almost to make fun of all those other sports — showing the mainstream that “we can have as much fun, without your games and normal rules, and balls.” Almost casually poking at the idea of what a “real sport” should me. While it seems we’re desperately moving away from this sense of difference, in a lot of ways, like Gangnam Style, ultimate remains the ultimate sports meme. Happy Friday.

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