Wednesday Dumps: MLU Blogged, Conferences, DUFFA

by | April 24, 2013, 11:00am 0

  • Elliott Erickson and 3 other current college players in Atlanta need your help. They have the opportunity to participate in the U23 Worlds in Toronto this summer, if only they could get past the dreaded monetary speed-bump. We’ve all been there, tournaments are expensive, so give a little, won’t you?
  • In international news, the DUFFA Hat Tournament is back, and better than ever! Based in Manchester, UK, DUFFA’s “Commotion in the Ocean” (hey-oh!) is the largest European hat tournament, and set a record this year when it took only 4 minutes to sell out!

News Flash: Brodie Smith can throw. Actual News Flash: Cullen Geppert shows great awareness, maintains good poise, and makes Brodie look good with this great tip-toe catch in the Chicago Wildfire’s tilt against the Madison Radicals. It wouldn’t be enough, the Radicals would go on to win a barn-burner, 22-21.

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