2013 D-1 Open Nationals Seeding Prediction

by | May 8, 2013, 8:03am 0

After some incredible regional finishes, here is our prediction for the 2013 D-1 Open Nationals seeding:

1. Oregon (NW1)
2. Wisconsin (NC1)
3. North Carolina (AC1)
4. Pittsburgh (OV1)
5. Texas (SC1)
6. Carleton College (NC2)
7. Central Florida (SE1)
8. Colorado (SC2)
9. North Carolina-Wilmington (AC2)
10. Ohio (OV2)
11. Harvard (NE1)
12. Georgia (SE2)
13. California-Davis (SW1)
14. Arizona (SW2)
15. Florida State (SE3)
16. Washington (NW2)
17. Dartmouth (NE2)
18. Illinois (GL1)
19. Luther (NC3)
20. Cornell (ME1)

This produces the following pools:

Pool A
#1 Oregon
#8 Colorado
#12 Georgia
#13 California-Davis
#17 Dartmouth

Pool B
#2 Wisconsin
#7 Central Florida
#11 Harvard
#14 Arizona
#18 Illinois

Pool C
#3 North Carolina
#6 Carleton College
#10 Ohio
#15 Florida State
#19 Luther

Pool D
#4 Pittsburgh
#5 Texas
#9 North Carolina-Wilmington
#16 Washington
#20 Cornell

A couple of places where arguments could be made:

  • Carleton College vs. Central Florida for #6 and #7…avoids a North Central Regional Final rematch between CUT and Wisconsin.
  • #12-#16…Georgia may be too high in the above seeding, but as you can see, there are no regional rematches in any pool is only one regional match-up in the pool play schedule (Pool C: Carleton College vs. Luther). If you drop Jojah below the two SW teams, Davis and Arizona both end up in Pool A.


Feature photo by Adam Lerman

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