A Short Interview: Dylan Freechild

by | May 26, 2013, 9:08pm 0

First and foremost, I would like to personally thank Dylan Freechild. In the hectic schedule that is covering the 2013 College Championships, sometimes timing doesn’t quite work and you have to adjust on the fly. Such was the case with attempting to grab a quick word with the Callahan winner. As it was, time wouldn’t allow for an interview until after Oregon suffered a tough loss in the semifinals at the hands of Pitt.

Dylan Freechild is raised by his teammates after winning the 2013 Callahan Award. Photo Courtesy - Charles Cleary

Despite the horrendous timing by yours truly, Freechild still had a few words about winning the illustrious Callahan award while understandably fighting back tears after the loss. A true class act, and a perfect example of everything the Callahan Award represents: dominant on the field, and a bright example of character off of it. Freechild finished the semifinal +5 with two assists, two goals, one D, and zero turnovers.

Freechild expressed gratitude for being recognized for all the hard work he’s put in with Oregon Ego, but with the loss fresh in his mind, the meaning was markedly diminished.

“It’s an honor for being recognized, but I know how good I am, and I know how good our team is,” Freechild admitted. “It doesn’t mean that much to me right now, this game meant more,” he continued.

Obviously, the sting of a season ending loss trumps the feeling of elation for being recognized as College Open’s Most Valuable Player. As it should. Freechild truly deserves the accolade, if nothing else for showing that his team’s success was more important to him than individual success. Many talk about the “swagger” Freechild carries himself, but it was the true, raw emotion that showed his true colors: Spike-zilla is classier than the penthouse at the MGM in Vegas.

Thank you again, Dylan Freechild, and congratulations. The entirety of the ultimate world truly appreciates you and all you’ve already accomplished (including this ill-timed interview) and look forward to the long, and inevitably successful career ahead of you. Keep your head up, young man, ultimate needs you to continue to increase the popularity of this great sport for years to come with the amazing plays we’ve all become accustomed to from Spike-zilla.

Feature Image courtesy – Charles Cleary

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