Freechild Wins Callahan

by | May 26, 2013, 1:34pm 0

Skyd Magazine and sponsors Discraft and Five Ultimate, proudly announce the 2013 USA Ultimate Open Callahan winner, junior Dylan Freechild (University of Oregon).

Anyone who has watched  Dylan”Spikezilla” Freechild play can attest that he is a man amongst boys. Cliche? Maybe. But also completely accurate.

Freechild leads by example on the field, playing both offensive and defensive points for the University of Oregon Ego with unmatched intensity, while still remaining chill with the disc in his hands. His trademark sweatpants seem to be everywhere on the field at once, and despite being easy to spot and therefore mark up on, he simply cannot be contained. Through the quarter-final round of the 2013 College Championships, Freechild’s stat line reads +13 despite being man-marked by the likes of fellow Callahan nominee and second-place finisher in the voting, Jimmy Mickle (Colorado), and fellow SAVAGE All-American Eli Kerns (UC-Davis).

Spikezilla leads off the field as well. He’s always the first to be full-throat with a “Duck D!” call, and the last voice to trail off after the defensive pull is caught to begin the point. On top of that, it’s Freechild who gives the halftime strategy and pump-up speeches, while coach Jay Janin looks on with content.

It is this combination of on and off-field leadership and success that ultimately earned Freechild the 2013 Callahan Award.

Be sure to check out Freechild and the rest of the University of Oregon Ego as they take on Pittsburgh in the 2013 College Championship semifinals on ESPN3 Sunday, May 26 at 8pm CT.

You can also peep his nomination video here.

The complete listing of the final voting results can be seen below, and as always, let us know what you think about this year’s Callahan winner in the comments section

Final Callahan Voting Results:

1. Dylan Freechild – University of Oregon Ego

2. Jimmy Mickle – University of Colorado Mamabird

3. Tyler Degirolamo – University of Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur

4. Brian Hart – University of Wisconsin Hodags

5. Jay Clark – Georgia Tech Tribe


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