Windmill Windup 2013 Preview: Ka-Pow! (Open)

by | June 12, 2013, 3:10pm 0

Preview submitted by Matthew Hodgson. Feature photo by Ka-Pow’s Richard Taylor

Team Name: Ka-Pow!
Location: London, England
Year Founded: 2012
Previous Windmill Appearances: none
Captain: David Pichler

Playing in the UKU Nationals 2011 final and looking at the number of quality players not getting any pitch time, David Pichler got the idea to create another London team to provide another challenger in the UK, but based on playing a different style than those used by most other British teams.  The team formed over the 2011/2012 winter and drew in a motley crew of superstars, journeymen and emerging talent.

Ka-Pow! had a mixed first season results wise, going from undefeated tournaments to a disappointing 9th place finish at UKUNationals 2012, missing out on qualification for the European Championship Finals. During the offseason, Ka-Pow! have retooled their playbook and taken on plenty of talented up and coming players will be looking to test their mettle against the best in Europe at Windmill Windup while integrating new players and plays.

Jonny Clarke with the disc at UKUTour1 2012. Photo courtesy of Andrew Moss.

Ka-Pow! is about developing new strategies where creativity is valued equally with athletic prowess and technical ability and bringing this style of play to UK Ultimate. The Windmill roster combines experienced players with those who have only previously played for their University teams and all are looking forward to their inaugural trip to Amsterdam.  After picking up the spirit prize at Tom’s Tourney last year it’s clear that Ka-Pow! are also heading to Windmill to have as many fun games as tough contests.

Players to watch out for:

Tim Sanders: The tallest short guy you’ll ever see; has hops like Super Mario.

Richard Macleod: Often overlooked by the opposition, Macca comes up with big grabs and key blocks.

David Pichler: Pitch time at Windmill will be limited due to recent surgery. Look for him to be loud on the side lines and in the huddle when not threatening deep.

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