Windmill Windup 2013 Preview: Prague Devils (Mixed)

by | June 11, 2013, 11:00am 0

Team Name: Prague Devils
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Previous Windmill Appearances: zero (many players have played separately with Hot Beaches or Silence)

The Prague Devils Open and Women's teams at the 2012 Czech Outdoor Championships

What can you tell us about the Prague Devils, for those that may be unfamiliar?

Prague Devils is the oldest ultimate team in the Czech Republic, we have been playing since 1992. At this moment we hold the outdoor national titles in all three divisions – open, women and mixed. For open, this was the seventh consecutive victory.

Why the Mixed division at Windmill and not Open/Women’s?

This may be the first time we travel to Windmill under the name of our club team but lots of our players used to play in Amsterdam for women’s team Hot Beaches or open team Silence. We considered the option of sending both open and women’s teams but decided we would not get enough players for both divisions and would need to find some pickups. So soon we decided to send a pure Prague Devils squad which will be strong enough to kick some arses.

Are you just made up of players from the Czech Republic, or do you have international players as well? Any pickup players this year?

Only Czech players and only Prague Devils.

What player is most likely to make a huge play as a thrower? As a receiver? On D?

Expect some big flicks from Kristina (#7) and hucks from any positon from the shortest guy on the field – Frenkie (#9). On the receiving side watch numbers 77 and 88 – Ludva and Milan. But beware of the other players too, pretty much everybody can be dangerous.

Can you share a tradition, piece of history, or other trait that makes your team unique?

The Prague Devils are directly connected with the beginnings of ultimate in the Czech Republic, but what we bring to Amsterdam this year is the second and third generation of players.

We spend lots of time together, so it’s no wonder we have four couples in the squad coming this year, plus two players that have left their spouses (one husband and one wife, both Devils players) at home to look after their babies.

How many years have you attended Windmill? If you’ve been before, what are your favorite memories?

As written above this is a premiere for the team but many players have been coming regularly for other teams. Memories? Spliffs in the players package, paying players fee via card, beating Ragnarok in the semifinal by one point, Silent disco that I missed because I did not hear it, big useless elephant, delicious meals, insane beer races we never managed to attend, Swiss Draw, smiles everywhere… enough?

What are your team’s goals for the tournament?

Have fun and win.

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