Jesson Club Championships Seedings Prediction: Women’s Division

by | October 1, 2013, 11:22am 0

  1. Fury
  2. Riot
  3. Scandal
  4. Nemesis
  5. Traffic
  6. Brute Squad
  7. Heist
  8. Capitals
  9. Showdown
  10. Molly Brown
  11.  Bent
  12. Phoenix
  13. Ozone
  14. Schwa
  15. Nightlock
  16. Nova

The Women’s Division hasn’t had nearly the same amount of parity as the Open Division this year, so seeding (at least at the top) is easier to figure out.

Tier 1: Fury, Riot, Scandal, Nemesis

While Fury may have lost to both Riot and Nemesis at the Pro Flight Finale, their season as a whole justifies their #1 ranking. They’re ranked first by USA Ultimate, won the US Open, and beat Nemesis in the third place game at the Finale. While they did lose to Riot in the Semifinals there, they had beat Riot three times in a row this season already. Riot makes for a pretty clear two seed, having won the Finale over Scandal, and a 3-1 record against them this season, and being #2 by USAU. Scandal (#3) finished higher than Nemesis at the Finale and beat them 15-11 there. Nemesis (#4) is clearly above the rest of the competition though, having only lost to Fury and Scandal so far this season.

Tier 2: Traffic, Brute Squad, Heist, Capitals, Showdown, Molly Brown

Traffic hasn’t played nearly as much as most of these teams, but they played well at Terminus, finishing third, beating Molly Brown, Heist, and Brute Squad along the way. Factor in a pool play victory over Riot at Regionals, they’re a strong bet to be seeded fifth overall. Brute Squad won Colorado Cup after a weaker than expected 5th place finish at Terminus. They’ve beat Molly Brown and Capitals twice each this season. The only teams they’ve lost to ranked beneath them are Ozone and Bent. The Bent loss was back in June, so it’s hard to place much weight in that game. And Ozone lost to Phoenix at Regionals, a team that Brute Squad is 4-0 against this season. With Ozone having to be placed beneath Phoenix, Brute Squad is a clear choice for sixth. Next up is Heist, a team that USAU only ranks at #11. Heist hasn’t lost to any teams ranked beneath them here, and beat Capitals at Terminus and Molly Brown at Colorado Cup. Capitals are up next here at eighth, and are ranked tenth by USAU. Despite a loss to Molly Brown at the Finale, Capitals defeated Showdown twice there, and Showdown ended up winning the South Central Region. Showdown is up next at ninth, ranked #8 by USAU. While they may be rewarded in seeding by USAU based on their run to the semifinals last year, they haven’t had as much to show for this season. While they did beat Riot at the Finale, they finished last there, going 1-5. That Riot win is the only victory they have over any of the top eight ranked here. Molly Brown has scored a few more upsets, beating Showdown earlier in the season, and taking care of Capitals and Ozone at the Finale. But their loss to Showdown in the South Central Regional final prevents them from being seeded any higher.

Tier 3: Bent, Phoenix, Ozone, Schwa, Nightlock, Nova

This tier is tough because of Ozone losing to Phoenix at Southeast Regionals. Thus they have to be ranked beneath Phoenix, despite their strong season and #7 ranking by USAU. USAU tends to punish the loser rather than reward the winner of an upset, so don’t expect Phoenix to shoot up the rankings. The eleventh spot could go to either Bent or Phoenix. If it’s Bent, based on their higher USAU ranking (#12 to Phoenix #15) and stronger overall regular season, then Ozone falls to 13. If it’s Phoenix that gets seeded eleventh due to their quality wins over Ozone at Regionals, then Bent falls to 13. Rounding out the bottom three are Schwa, Nightlock, and Nova. Though Nightlock is ranked two spots ahead of Schwa by USAU, Schwa beat them in the finals at Labor Day. Nova got the final bid out of the Northeast region, but hasn’t beat any of the top 15, other than a victory over Bent back in June.

That would give us the following pools:
Pool A: Fury, Capitals, Phoenix, Ozone

Pool B: Riot, Heist, Bent, Schwa

Pool C: Scandal, Brute Squad, Molly Brown, Nightlock

Pool D: Nemesis, Traffic, Showdown, Nova

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