Product Review: Five Daywalker Hoodie

by | December 11, 2013, 5:42pm 0

Editor’s note: We reviewed this hoodie back in December of last year. Let’s see how far it’s come with a different point of view.

Winter has fully hit Madison, Wisconsin, with snow on the ground, sub-zero temperatures in the air, and the offseason in full swing as the holidays approach.  If you ask me, it is the perfect temperature to test some of the new gear that has hit the FIVE Ultimate store.  I enjoyed the task of taking the new threads out for a spin in many situations, from playing Ultimate (duh), to running, training, sleeping, grabbing some drinks with friends, and even spectating at the local roller derby bout.

One disclaimer: I am not a small girl. I am rather lanky, have man-shoulders, and a really short torso.  I am typically a hard girl to please when it comes to what I wear for athletics, because I find it difficult to wear comfortable, yet functional, clothing.

Style (3/5)

I love the colors that FIVE has available in this item.  You can get something for yourself or for a friend that will surely make them happy.  The reason it only gets a 3 is because of its unisex fit option, which is not as flattering as some of the other pieces they have in the store for women.

Fit (4/5)

Since the fit is unisex, it might be a bit baggy if you are a girl with narrow shoulders.  My broad shoulders and long arms fit nicely into a Men’s Small.  Personally, I am happy; however, I think the smaller girls out there might want something a bit smaller.

Material (5/5)

Compared to the other products I tested, this one is significantly less warm, but served as a great layer over some compression gear or under any of the other jackets in the FIVE store.  It is made of FIVE’s signature Hydro material, which means it is super stretchy, breathable and very versatile as a result.

Comfort (5/5)

This has quickly become my favorite piece of clothing that I own.  When it comes down to it, Hydro material is rather comfortable to wear in all situations.  This holds true whether you’re on a three hour plane ride, going for a run outside in ~50 degree weather, throwing around with a friend, or lounging around on the couch.

I personally love that the hood is giant enough for me to pull the top over my eyes for a nap.  If you’re not a fan of huge hoods, than this might be annoying.

Price (4/5)

For how much I have worn this item since getting it, the $35 is very worth it.  My inclination was confirmed after a class at my gym.  A non-Ultimate player who I do not know made the comment, “That would be perfect for yoga. It looks super comfortable!”  I agreed, and informed her how much it was and where she could get it.  Compared to other brands, it is pretty on-par for price.

The fact that you can work out in this and not sweat profusely is a huge sell.

Overall (4/5)

This would gift equally as well for anyone who is active. Your friends and family alike would fall in love with this hoodie after only one wear.

Five Ultimate Daywalker Hoodie (Azure, Crown, Salmon, Red)   – $35

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