Product Review: Five Women’s Hydro Shorts

by | December 11, 2013, 5:55pm 0

Winter has fully hit Madison, Wisconsin, with snow on the ground, sub-zero temperatures in the air, and the offseason in full swing as the holidays approach.  If you ask me, it is the perfect temperature to test some of the new gear that has hit the FIVE Ultimate store.  I enjoyed the task of taking the new threads out for a spin in many situations, from playing ultimate (duh), to running, training, sleeping, grabbing some drinks with friends, and even spectating at the local roller derby bout.

Style (5/5)

There are Hydro Shorts out there for everyone.  They come in many colors and prints to let you express your style in one garment.  If you are partial to the classic black or gray shorts, FIVE carries those in the Women’s cut.  If you want something a bit louder, like neon stripes or artsy designs, they have those too.

Fit (5/5)

I was extremely skeptical when FIVE announced these. I absolutely hate the Men’s Hydro Shorts for a lot of reasons, mostly the fact that the waistband is not comfortable if you are built like me (I know I’m not huge, but I am certainly not super slim).  I was pleasantly surprised when I got a pair of size Large shorts, which made me say to my husband, “Finally, a pair of shorts from FIVE that has a comfortable, wide waistband and doesn’t ride up!”

I love these shorts for Ultimate because I can pivot all the way out on a low release throw, and it does not get hooked around my pads.  The inseam really is properly sized for women!

Material (5/5)

You know that anything that is made of the Hydro material is stretchy and comfortable for any activity (or non-activity) you do.

Anyone who has the Hydro Shorts knows how well the material holds up in the wash machine against dirt and other things you lay out in.  It seems like you can lay out in the grossest of puddle and get completely covered in mud; yet, the fabric will maintain its color and not get stained.

Comfort (5/5)

As previously mentioned, the style is actually designed for women.  The waistband is comfortable and the hydro material is comfortable; therefore, wearing these shorts is comfortable.

Price (5/5)

At $20 for the plain styles, these shorts are pretty reasonably priced, especially relative to other popular ultimate brands.

Overall (5/5)

Girls, if you are skeptical about FIVE shorts, give these a try; you will not be disappointed.

Five Ultimate Women’s Shorts (Multiple designs) – $20-32

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