Product Review: VC Sublimated Shorts

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VC Ultimate has released a special edition set of sublimated “goat shorts”. For this review, I checked out the Koi Short.  The intricate and colorful design is not what you would expect to see on ultimate shorts, although people will put anything on shorts these days.  The look of the design is very crisp and holds up well to multiple wash cycles and the wear and tear of playing.  Wearing these shorts is sure to make you stand out on the field and put you at the forefront of ultimate fashion.

Style (4/5)

VC’s design on the shorts is very cool and interesting to look at.  The shorts will definitely make you stand out in a crowd or on the field.  If you enjoy wearing art on your shorts, then these are the shorts for you.  The design looks very nice even after laying out on not so soft surfaces.  If you are looking to make a fashion statement on the field or trying to find that special gift for a special someone, then these shorts should make that person very happy.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t really like to wear shorts that have intricate designs on them (aside from the awesome Skyd Playmaker piano shorts), so I only wear these on special occasions.

Print Quality (5/5)

The design on these shorts is very vivid.  It is easy to make out the intricate design and the colors are vivid too.  It looks like a piece of art on your shorts, and will allow you to “art” past people in style.  There are other sharp designs on VC’s website. In examining some other designs I can say that the quality of the print holds true throughout.

Fit (4/5)

The shorts fit very well and are true to size.  If you are used to wearing Patagonia or Five Ultimate shorts, then you should stick to the same size you have been wearing with those.  The only problem I have with the fit is the lack of flexibility in the inside pocket (by the way, these shorts, like other VC shorts, have an inside pocket).  The pocket is big enough to hold most cell phones, yet it may allow for those items to move around a lot when playing.

Hat (0.5/5)

This is not really a hat, yet I can see how it could become one.

Material/Comfort (4/5)

The material for these shorts is not as soft as other VC shorts on the outside.  On the inside, they feel pretty light, and flow well while running.  The sublimated design on the outside may have something to do with the feel of the shorts too.  I was comfortable wearing these shorts all day while playing, and the shorts and the design hold up very well after multiple layouts and washes.  The FlexLight material from VC allows for great, unrestricted movement during play.

Price (2/5)

These shorts are a little on the expensive side at $39.00 (CAD), but for the design they are worth the extra dollars.  As a gift, the price is great, and should be a long-lasting worthwhile purchase.

Overall (4/5)

As a holiday gift, these shorts will make any ultimate player a very happy recipient.  The design is very cool to look at and will make you stand out on the field.  The shorts are very durable and fit well.  Also, the artist who designed the shorts makes movie posters, which are also pretty cool.

VC Ultimate Koi Shorts – $39 CAD — Other short designs

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