Ultimate Results Coaching Academy Online Conference 2015

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The purpose of Ulty Results Coaching Academy Conference (URCA 2015) is to empower coaches to continuously improve their abilities. Coaches will determine the growth and trajectory of ultimate. Through URCA, we hope to inspire more people to become coaches, especially at the youth level in the US where a lack of coaches inhibits the growth of the division. Most importantly, we hope to foster discussion about best practices in coaching not just for teaching skills, but also for passing SOTG on to the next generation of players.

URCA 2015 is kicking off with a keynote address from WFDF president Rob Rauch August 2nd. We’ll follow up with a week of presentations with practical coaching advice from experts representing the US, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

How Does It Work?

Basically, the conference is a series of webinars occurring August 2nd-August 7th.

Registration is free! We want to have this information accessible to a wide audience. Links to the presentations will be sent each morning. Attendees must register the day before the talks they want to see in order to be guaranteed access. In addition to live access, we plan to keep talks available for free for 24 hours to accommodate different time zones.

Those who want more in depth study can purchase a VIP pass. For just $97 you’ll get access to recordings of all presentations, extra downloadable notes, and entry into a private Facebook group with the speakers and other VIPs.

Highlights From Last Year

Last year’s conference was the inaugural event and drew 1300 registrants.

Many attendees told us how awesome it was to be able to ask questions directly to coaches and players like Gwen Ambler and Tiina Booth. For many attendees, the ability to get their questions answered directly by well known coaches was the highlight of the conference.

The conference reminded us all that we are part of a great global community. Our community is still small enough that elite players and coaches are willing to donate their time to teach at this conference simply for the love of the game.

What Will I Learn?

The emphasis is always on practicality. Topics were chosen based on feedback from coaches and attendees of last year’s conference.

A Sampling Of This Year’s Topics

  • How to Plan a Focused Scrimmage
  • Finding the Balance Between being a Player, Coach, and Captain
  • How to Retain Players and Grow your Program
  • Drills, Tips, and Suggestions for Practices with Limited Players or Field Space
  • Developing Athleticism in Youth Teams
  • A Team Approach to Man Defence
  • ….and many, many more.

See the full schedule here.

More Information

UltyResults would like to give extend a huge “Thank You!” to Five Ultimate for again being a sponsor of URCA 2015. Their support these past two years has helped us to make the URCA conference an amazing event for the global ultimate community. Expect some awesome Five Ultimate giveaways during the conference talks!

Check back here on Skyd Magazine each morning for a recap of the previous day’s talks.

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