The Official Unofficial Potlatch 27 Awards

by | July 13, 2016, 7:30am 0

As I sat down to write down a summary of the the 27th edition of Potlatch, my dense thoughts towards everything turned to robust feelings. I could go into many different details, but ultimately what I want people to take away is that Potlatch is about gift giving. Everything that teams do and the energy they bring to the tournament is a gift to the ultimate community. If you are sharing, friendly and spirited, the ultimate community will give back tenfold to you.

I gave everything (with the incredible help of Team ERIC, Five Ultimate, and Disc NW) to establish a Spirit Trophy this year. Hopefully this will change the landscape of Potlatch for years to come (once teams realize it exists).

Finally, I may have been a visible tournament director, but the biggest heroes of the weekend are Kong, Bunny, Rusty, Kate, Lena, and Kat. It was Lena’s last year as party TD, and she will be missed by all. Please take the opportunity to thank all of these wonderful people who donate time and energy to make the best weekend of the year happen.

Without further ado, I present you the Official Unofficial Potlatch 27 Awards. All categories and winners were decided by a committee of one. A pre-emptive soory if I didn’t get to see your team in action; go over the top with your spirit and I will seek you out next year.

Won Potlatch

Return of the Kings

Runner Up: Cool Huckings

Day 1  Spirit Trophy Winner

Bid Submission: Marry Me comic book

Runner Up: Desert Lorax original Dr. Seuss book

Day 2  Spirit Trophy Winner

Spirit Presentation: Clevah Girl (The regular dice team)

Runner Up: Twincest: Royal Rainbow

Day 3  Spirit Trophy Winner

Party Costumes: Twincest: Royal Rainbow

Runner Up: Desert Lorax

Best Dressed Female

Erica from Desert Lorax in her Sailor Moon costume

Best Dressed Male

Tony from Super Smashed Bros in his Cloud costume

Best Potlatch Moment

The PODO engagement during Show Us What You Got-Latch

Runner Up: Getting swarmed and grinded on by all of Desert Lorax dressed as Sailor Moon characters.

Best On-Field Costumes

Masters of the Toolboxverse

Runner Up: Twincest: Royal Rainbow

Best Constructed Mobile Spirit Game Contraption

Emergency Bourbon’s giant working Operation board

Runner Up: Tie between Human Powered Submarine’s Human Powered Mystery Machine and Kite Fight’s Poop Mountain.

Best Stationary Spirit Contraption

Space Camp Wastrabi’s Space Love Shack

Runner Up: Choco Ghost House’s Choco Ghost House Saloon

Best Game-Based Spirit Game:

Fringo’s Fringo

Runner Up: Tie between Pants Off Dance Off’s Podomon and Parkland Quality Bieber: Sorry’s version of Soory

Best Brawl-Based Spirit Game:

The Force’s Space Battle

Runner Up: Super Smashed Bros’ Melee game

Best Prop Activity:

Twincest’s Battle Balls

Runner Up: Cool Hucking’s Bobsled

Best Golf Cart Co-pilot:

Eamon Anders Finneran of Jazz Picnic

Runner Up:  Kate Pearson of Pance Off Dance Off

Best Comedy TV Show-based Team:

The Knights of Dunshire (great spirit game)

Runner Up: Wade Boggs Tribute Team (I hope someone reached 70 and lived to tell the tale)

Best Team That Stayed in Character the Whole Weekend:

Shady Oaks Retirement Center

Runner Up: Thunderconcorse

Best Non-Costume Uniforms:


Runner Up: Boshintang

Best Non-Costume, Non-Jersey Team Attire Coordination:

Jazz Picnic’s Everything Floral

Runner Up: I Love You Tutu’s ALL PINK

Best Overplayed Song:

Sorry – Justin Bieber

Runner Up: Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr

Best Part of the Bus:

The Back of the Bus

Runner Up: The Front of the Bus

Best Prank:

PandAmerican Express’ Fortune cookies to have people sext the TDs

Runner Up: Delta House bailing on the tournament

Potlatch Magazine 2016 Sexiest Man of the Year:

Tae from Masters of the Toolboxverse

Runner Up: Drew from PODO

Potlatch Magazine 2016 Sexiest Woman of the Year:

Becca from PODO

Runner Up: Shaina from Entropy Punch

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