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Scooberlicious Ultimate is a San Francisco Bay area-based sports podcast designed to highlight and celebrate the players, coaches, and thought leaders and the events that make the sport of Ultimate so cool! As a player, I’ve discussed and debated with coaches, teammates, and friends, on the many facets of the game and now I am looking for new people to continue these thoughtful, and engaging conversations on this dynamic and ever-evolving sport.

GUESTS: Disc Ballers • Tournament Directors • Executive Directors • Pro Owners • Coaches • Captains • Referees • Observers • Champions • Educators • Organizers • Callahan Winners • Soon to be Callahan Winners • Visionaries • Legends • Parents • Inventors • the newly initiated ••• TOPICS: Spirit of the Game • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) • Gender Equity • Social Equity • Mixed Gender Ultimate • Health • Performance • Youth Ultimate • Demographics • Analytics • Technology • Fashion • Lifestyle • Travel • Equipment

Spirit of the Game

The young sport of Ultimate Frisbee is growing, expanding and evolving beyond the bounds of simply throwing a piece of plastic. The closer one looks at this simple sport the more compelling it is. Spirit of the Game (SOG), the unique tenet of Ultimate Frisbee has become a sail propelling the sport forward into unique waters beyond the playing field – it is the catalyst for many conversations about the sport’s identity, the educational benefits of (SEL), and its power to lessen ills and bring people together from different communities locally and around the world, and all the while, Spirit of the Game acts as welcoming shade for the ultimate’s growing ranks, creating a positive environment for more people to join in and embrace all the coolness this sport has to offer….oh, the many stories to discover, all furnished by the sport of Ultimate!

Lawrence McKendell is the creator of Scooberlicious Ultimate

Lawrence is a highly caffeinated dude with an iPhone and a dream! I want to create a thoughtful interview show that is somewhere between NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and as casual, comfortable and funny as Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” but without the nuisance of a huge budget, an entourage, or celebrity notoriety.

Lawrence is an athlete (hoops and marathoning) who has played the game of Ultimate for 20 years. Though he has not soared the heights (ahem) of regionals, he loves and understands sport and jocks, and the effort it takes to grind, stumble, fall, and soar and the stories that lay within.

Big props to Skyd Magazine for providing this larger platform to share these stories!

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