The JAB Step: Cut Better

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Cutting and changing direction is all about putting force into the ground in the correct angles. The shin angle dictates the direction you go. Think about it, if you want to jump up, the shin will be perpendicular to the ground.

Figure 1: Vertical jump shin angles. Athlete: Eric Johnson


If you watch a sprinter accelerate, the shin is at around 45 degrees toward the direction they are going.

Figure 2: Linear acceleration shin angles. Athlete: Kevin Kebo

It’s the same with changing direction.  There should be a distinct step when the shin faces the direction you want to go and you powerful apply force to ground.  I call this the JAB step.  The lower and more forceful the JAB step, the more powerful the change of direction.

Figure 3: Lateral movement shin angles. Athlete: Joshua Sheppard

Figure 4: Lateral movement shin angles. Athlete: Brodie Smith

When I coach athletes on the JAB step for more efficient cutting, this is my progression:

  1. Learn the pattern in a linear fashion, use ladders as a teaching device.
  2. Rehearse the pattern with variations of serpentine courses.
    1. Skinny Serp
    2. Long Serp
    3. Chaotic Serp
    4. Add a reaction component with open agility drills

In order to most effectively apply force when cutting, this progression should be accompanied with a strength training program. Strength training increases you force production capabilities.  The more force you can generate, the more force you can put into the ground and the faster you will cut.

Check out this compilation video featuring some great Ultimate players and JAB HARD!

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