A Humble Request From Gentle Men

by | April 17, 2013, 12:13pm 0

Hello Friends! Its that time again – the Gentlemen celebrate (yet) another successful trip to the Masters by changing gears and tuning into the real tradition unlike any other – North Central Regionals.  As always, its been a frighteningly busy year and, as always, we write to you with the main purpose of bragging about our various exploits…while dabbling in occasional Frisbee disc analysis.

However, the past year has brought with it a sea of change.  We now take knee before you, dear reader, and humbly ask for help.  Its a struggle to admit weakness – our zero-tolerance stance toward the matter legendary- but a gentleman cannot lie: our tomes grow harder to write as the years bear on.  But as the phoenix arises from its own ashes, so shall The Guide live on.

Dear reader, hear our plea! Ask the Gentlemen a question, any question.  Post in the comments below, email us at TheGentlemenNCR@gmail.com, or tweet our way @TheGentlemenNCR .  Your inquiry may just grace the first (and possibly last) ever GENTLEMEN’S MAILBAG!

Post your question by Saturday April 20 at noon.  And before anyone asks, the irony of setting a deadline on this date for Ultimate Frisbee players to abide by is not lost upon us.

Please take note: We maintain the write to throw all questions in a virtual bonfire and write a really good article without your help which we so graciously request.

Respectfully yours,

The Gentlemen

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