Nationals: Open Final Live Analysis

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Welcome to Skyd Magazine’s live coverage of the Open Semifinals. We’re in the press box tweeting and watching the games, and we’ll be doing a live analysis in this post. Refresh this page for the latest strategic and tactical analysis of the semis from Skyd’s open correspondents.

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2:13pm, UCF – Pitt

Jimmy: Both teams are on the field warming up. It’s still a little bit wet here, and the field looks muddy. But it’s almost game time.

2:28pm, UCF – Pitt

Pat: Pitt, as defending champions, have to be the favorites going into this game. But I do think UCF could pull it out. They have enough height and athleticism that they have a few guys who can guard Degirolamo – allowing them to rotate the lines to keep fresh. I think containing Alex Thorne could be the bigger challenge, and a key factor going into this game.

Jimmy: I also favor Pitt, especially due to their depth. We saw yesterday against Oregon it wasn’t just Tyler and Alex doing work for them, but everyone they put out on the field. I also expect Trent Dillon to play much better, no one on UCF can match Freechild’s talent so I expect he’ll have a much better game.

2:41pm, UCF 0 – Pitt 2

 Jimmy: That could be a big break. Currently that is the ‘upwind’ way, but the wind isn’t enough right now to really be seen as an upwind/downwind thing. If it picks up, the weather forecast did call for everything to get a bit worse, that could be a big thing for Pitt.

Pat: UCF currently electing to put 6’1″ senior Mike Ogren on Tyler, they might want to go with someone taller.

2:45pm, UCF 1 – Pitt 3

Jimmy: Not sure what Misha was thinking there. Yeah he did bid for the disc, looked a little slow to get up, but to change off Tyler like that is a little weird. Pitt recognized it instantly though and put it out to Tyler, he dishes for score. That throw by the way for UCF has to be better if they want to get a break. It looked like a good decision, just not exactly what you want.

2:52pm, UCF 1 – Pitt 4

Pat: There wasn’t much more that UCF could’ve done better on that last o-point, Tyler has ridiculous closing speed and there’s not too much you can do about that. Other than that, looked pretty solid against the zone.

2:54pm, UCF 2 – Pitt 5

Jimmy: Just like yesterday with Trent Dillon on Dylan Freechild, UCF has to find someone who can limit the damage done to them by Tyler Degirolamo. It’s clear already that no matter who they put on him, they aren’t going to shut him down. Now the game has to be limiting how many times he burns you deep like that.

3:00pm, UCF 3 – Pitt 6

Jimmy: Pitt on the other hand has contained the big names of UCF. I think Langdon has looked good so far, but Hickson, Freystaetter and Jakob have been.

3:04pm, UCF 3 – Pitt 7

Pat: Looks like I was wrong about UCF’s matchup on Degirolamo. They’ve tried Ogren, Langdon and Freystaetter – and none have really been able to contain him. I still think Freystaetter is probably their best bet though.

Jimmy: UCF needs to hold here, and get a break or two before Pitt can take half. If not, even with receiving the disc out of half, they’re going to have a very big hole to climb out of.

3:09pm, UCF 4 – Pitt 8

Jimmy: And that’s the first half. Saw everything good Pitt could do, besides the few turns, they’re playing an almost flawless game so far. UCF needs to start playing better. Like we’ve been saying, they need to start by limiting what Tyler D can do against them. If they don’t he’s going to keep going to town on them. We also saw Alex Throne start releasing the many throws in his arsenal. He hasn’t been stopped either, but if they have to choose to limit one of them it’s Tyler first and foremost.

Pat: UCF hasn’t been playing terribly. But they haven’t been able to capitalize on the very few mistakes that Pitt has made. If they want to get back in this game, they need to start turning pretty much every Pitt turn into a break.

3:22pm, UCF 4 – Pitt 10

Jimmy: As Pitt runs away with it, we’re starting to notice more of Trent Dillon. Like Tyler, he hasn’t taken too many points off thus far this game and his skill, talent, athleticism, speed… everything… is showing. NexGen made a good choice. Him with Dylan and company? Going to be pretty dirty, don’t ya think?

3:25pm, UCF 4 – Pitt 10

Pat: UCF has three unforced turns this half. Earlier I thought you had to give a lot of credit to Pitt’s defense, but right now the Dogs of War are their own worst enemy.

Jimmy: Like that timeout call. You get a break here yes, and perhaps get to punch it in, but why call it there? You don’t have anymore this half now.

3:31pm, UCF 5 – Pitt 11

Pat: Degirolamo may not have gotten the Callahan, but it looks like he’s about to be a back-to-back champion. I’ll take that any day.

3:34pm, UCF 5 – Pitt 12

Pat: Pitt’s actually turning it a lot more this half. But at this point, it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Jimmy: First point in a while that Tyler D and Dillon aren’t in the game. Not sure if that matters at this point either, UCF seems out of it.

3:37pm, UCF 5 – Pitt 13

Pat: The crowd is chanting “Scalabrine! Scalabrine!” Irrelevant but awesome.

3:45pm, UCF 8 – Pitt 15F

Pat: Fitting that Tyler Degirolamo grabs the game-winning catch as Pitt wins 15-8. He was huge both in this game and the semi against Oregon, showing off a more versatile side we don’t always associate with him. He had stellar incuts, great throws, and a bunch of assists as Pitt easily rolled UCF. Credit to the Dogs of War for a great season and awesome tournament, but the better team won today. Not sure there’s any doubt that Pitt is indeed the best team in the country right now, and congratulations to them for their back-to-back championships.


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