Pool C Saturday Notes

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– Luther had a great weekend. Yes, you’re probably going over to score reporter right now and seeing that they didn’t win a game today as well. They never gave up the fight though, losing their two games today by 7.

– They do still have a chance to win though, and that comes tomorrow against Florida State.

– After this weekend, the focus should be developing a strong offense. At times, it seemed stagnate, and unable to do what was needed of them. Improving the work of the handlers would go a long way. I thought a few times they were hoping Eric Johnson would appear in the back field to help take over a game.



– Connor Haley? 24 goals, 8 assists, 9 Ds. Mitch Cihon? 7 goals, 28 assists, 2 Ds. Rest of team? 33 goals, 28 assists, 16 Ds. That’s a problem, especially with those two being in (potentially) their last years for Ohio.

– To say that though, I also have to mention how noticeable Cihon and Haley were all weekend in this pool; a great tournament for them.

– They did beat Central Florida in garbage time today, and in that game it was the first time they looked in complete control even if Cihon and Haley weren’t running the show. Granted, UCF was resting their key players, but that could be a good sign if Cihon and Haley are done at Ohio after this season.



– They did just enough. A win against Luther, and they secured a berth into pre-quarters.

– Down the stretch, I noticed a lot more that the team had a lot of players who could do more than just help out but help the Dogs take control of a game. This is important later, trust me.

– The Dog offense got steadier as the day went on, especially in the come from behind loss to UNC in their last pool play game.


North Carolina

– Weird day for UNC during pool play. In their first game against Ohio, Darkside seemed in control the entire time. The breaks they were able to rattle off against them were great. And Johnson, Green and Nethercut seemed in control. Most importantly, there were no signs of the Darkside we saw yesterday this game.

– Of course, in the second half of the game against UC-Davis, we saw that UNC come back. To let Davis back in that game in a bad way, UNC showed that they hadn’t broken away from the demons that were coming from them yesterday.

– If those come back in the championship bracket, UNC may not go very far.


Central Florida

– Their first goal this weekend: winning the pool. As I said, they dropped the game against Ohio while resting their starters but they still accomplished this goal. The next goal should be obvious.

– As for their chances against the top teams? With Dartmouth in quarterfinals, their size and strategy should help push them over the edge in my opinion. We haven’t seen UCF pushed to the edge yet, and I’m not sure if that will happen until late Sunday.


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