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So this week in Seven On, instead of speculating even further on how Nationals will be seeded across the divisions, I’m taking it in a different direction. Chicago Machine and their defensive line released a teaser for an upcoming highlight video, featuring some great songs both for their highlights, and what their offensive line calls highlights. Since Machine is already on top of their song game going into Frisco, TX, I took the liberty of picking out some songs for other teams to use in their upcoming highlight videos. How about while listening to these songs, you go through and read the latest High Release on the World Games?

1. DMX vs. Ghostbusters – Texas Doublewide – Explicit Language

At the beginning of the year, even though they were coming off that National Championship, many doubted Doublewide due to their roster moves. Gone were most of the Florida boys, and in were the recent two-time College National Champions from Pittsburgh, Tyler Degeralimo and Alex Thorne. Through the regular season of the Triple Crown Tour they played well, and knocked off Johnny Bravo at South Central Regionals. Still, there are doubters. When you’ve won it all again Doublewide, taking a page out of Tyler and Alex’s book, this song will be all you need. To everyone else, it’s not what you heard, it’s what you’re hearin’.

2. Rawhide (TV Theme/Blues Brothers Version) – New York PoNY

What is a better representation for PoNY than a song from one of the most classic Western TV shows, starring the one and only Clint Eastwood. You know, Clint Eastwood is someone every captain should try to be, talk about a leader. Plus he always comes through in the clutch; that could be useful at Nationals. PoNY typically embraces the ‘pride’ aspect of their name, but I think they should start embracing their western roots, their inner-horse so to speak, as they travel west to Frisco. “Though they’re disapprovin’, keep them doggies movin’ Rawhide!” What better way to look past the string of games you played at Northeast Regionals PoNY, then to just keep them dogs moving?

3. Welcome to Miami (Will Smith) – Florida United

I don’t care if the Florida United score reporter page lists their actual location as almost every major city from the state other than Miami. This song is all that embodies Florida to the rest of country. Will Smith telling us about the beauty, diversity and general fun time that the city embodies is the beginning of Florida United’s montage, in what could be a few dominant years to come. This year they may not have found themselves on many of the big regular season stages, but now that they’re here the party is definitely on.

4. Jack Sparrow (Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton) – Boston Ironside

Whatever Boston Ironside is trying this year with the increased presence of pirate-based things on their team, it isn’t quite working. They fall to GOAT at regionals, and almost fall to PoNY in the second place game this past weekend. Who knows how that will affect their place in the seedings, or their chances of getting to yet another semifinal game. Is there any saving Ironside? I think there could be, I’m not as quick to give up on a proven star like the Lonely Island are with Mr. Bolton.

5. Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake feat. Majid Jordan) – Santa Barbara Condors

That’s right, the Condors are going back; going back home to Club Nationals. Don’t have many puns or jokes to make here, if you haven’t recently read through the Condors history article from Jeremy Ziskind you should do it again. With five national championships, and a world club championships to their legacy this is a team that hasn’t tasted victory at the sports biggest event in a long time. All odds point to this not being their year to win it all for a sixth time. But that doesn’t mean the Condors aren’t at home and here to stay.

6. I’m Different (2 Chainz) – Atlanta Chain Lightning – Explicit Language

The Georgia (almost Atlanta) based 2 Chainz has some wise words to all looking for the Chain Lightning of past at this year’s Club Nationals. They’re different… a lot different. Much as Mr. Chainz would pull up to a scene without a ceiling on his car, this version of Chain doesn’t look poised to play spoiler, and doesn’t look poised to be playing deep into the Nationals bracket. That’s okay though. Chain still has most of the same leaders at the helm, and look a little younger a bit on their roster – to me, that means a bright future is still ahead of them. Still this year, they’re going to seem a bit different from what we’re all used to seeing. Like 2 Chainz though, Chain Lightning is just “cut from a different fabric.”

7. Fox Say (Ylvis) – Columbus Madcow

Real quick, replace the word ‘fox’ with the word ‘cow’. Madcow, I assume since you didn’t travel too much for tournaments this year, and might even have a sick taco sponsorship, you’d be able to afford a re-do of the song with my parameters. Now that we have that taken care of, what does the cow say? Who is this team? We may not have seen much of Florida United this season, but we saw even less of Madcow. In the past, they were a factor when it came to determining who was taking the trip to Nationals. But with High Five on the scene, they were counted out of the running. But now we’re getting the chance; the chance to know, what exactly Madcow is this season.

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