Trevor Ashwell and the Trashwell Cup

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“[Trevor] is one of the best teammates out there. Aside from being a dedicated and phenomenal athlete, his star quality in my eyes is that he is always looking out for his teammates. His friends and boys on the team always come first when it came to learning plays, playing time or even at parties. He always makes sure everyone else is looked after.” – Kevin Underhill

This weekend, rain or shine, on the grass fields of the University of Victoria campus teammates, friends, and anyone else that shows up will play in a hat tournament, enjoy food, and maybe even babysit some kids – all for a good cause. As you may have heard, their teammate Trevor Ashwell suffered a tragic accident this summer that left him quadriplegic. As Vancouver and Furious George’s Kevin Underhill told me, “it’s time we show that same dedication back to him.”

Trevor 'Trash' Ashwell on the sidelines during a UVictim game at the SB Invite last spring.

Trevor Ashwell had just finished his first year playing for the University of Victoria Ultimate team, UVictim, and had made an immediate impact with team with his raw talent and incredible spirit on and off the field, both with and away from the team. All of this was echoed to me by Danie Proby, the organizer of this weekend’s event.

But Trevor was more than just an ultimate player to everyone in the UVictoria club, both the men and women’s teams are extremely close. “[He] has the most contagious smile and personality,” Proby said, “and is always the most positive influence on everyone around him.” Not only did he infect everyone with his spirit, but all of the activities he participated in outside of ultimate as well. Underhill reminisced about how he’d be talking to Trevor before practice, and Trevor would be leaving out to hike or surf or bike the beautiful area that surrounds the UVictoria campus (seriously, go through and look it up on Google Earth, it’s stunning) – and he’d always make it back to campus in time for that day’s practice.

That tragic accident has come to be a large part of Trevor’s life now. It happened this past summer while swimming, when he dove into shallow water and hit his head. This resulted in severe damage to his spinal cord, but thanks to quick work by friends his life and any potential brain injury was saved through emergency CPR. Unfortunately though, Trevor lost the use of both arms and legs, and requires assistance to breathe. As both Kevin and Danie told me though, Trevor is determined not to let it define his life, so are his teammates.

Those outdoor activities that Trevor loves, including ultimate, are going to be much harder to participate in now. However, Kevin told me that Trevor has already discovered that through medical advances, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. The medical costs that will allow Trevor greater independence and a higher quality of life going forward come with a high price tag. The main focus of this tournament isn’t just to help with medical costs; it’s to give back to Trevor for all the good he’s done for them too.

Trevor with his girlfriend Mairin Berezan of UVixen.

If you’re in Victoria, here is the link to the Facebook event page with information on how to sign up for the event, and other details. It’s this Saturday, so clear your schedule and get on out there for a great cause. Also in that link are instructions on how to donate directly to the trust set up by Trevor’s family in his name if you’re in the greater Victoria area, or if you’d like to donate by mail. If you’re going to be in Frisco, TX at the end of the month, Kevin told me that there will be representatives from the UVictoria teams with the reversible pinnies available as well. There are plenty of opportunities for the ultimate community to join together and help one of our own.

One last quote from my exchange with Kevin Underhill was this: “Trevor has a long recovery road and no doubt a bright future ahead.”

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